New Year's Resolution: 2016


happy new year Blink and you miss it. How can 2016 come so fast? I still have so many unfinished business from 2015! I terribly admire those who manage to accomplish all of their annual to-do list by the end of year. So this time, I wanna do something different, I'm abandoning my long list of things like 'I will exercise more often' or 'I will eat more vegetable'. Lack of specification, I mean, what is exercise? walking to school? or sweating like a pig in the gym? There's far too much possibility to pardon yourself from guilt in actually ticking the box. Such resolution is more likely to become some sort of burden in your mind, you see, I personally think saying 'I will stop eating so much cake' works a lot better. So this year, I'm approaching my new year's resolution differently, with a lot more optimism and specification, I will try and resolve the following two: 

Slow the bloody down  

So many times last year, I found myself running on an empty fuel. Since I started my classes in London, in particular. I thought I could take a full-time course, write magazine articles, work on the blog and shoot photography projects. And I did, in the end, I accomplished everything, but not without a few mental meltdowns. I was relieved to hop on the plane away from London, despite the fact that I hadn't sleep for the past 24 hours. So in 2016, I will try to slow down, I mean its okay to take a day off and do nothing, right? 

Stop caring so much 

When I told Travis about this resolution, he was surprised. Historically yelling 'I told you this long time ago!', which is 4 years ago, if I'm not wrong. This is true, I may not be the girl that tries to make everyone like me, but I'm definitely the one who gets quite annoyed when someone misunderstands me, or assume I'm this kind of person while I'm quite the opposite. Well, in the real world (adult world), there is always  gonna be people criticising whatever you do, thats the political nature. It took me a while to realise that explaining yourself all the time doesn't help decrease judgements. If this is who you really are. You don't have to prove it to anyone. 

There it is, my new year's resolutions. Perhaps, the better way to start a new year is to recognise our bad habits, and work on them before adding join the gym, eat healthy and rescue a dog to the list. Though I would really love to.

Lastly, I want to thank you all so much for sticking with me, no matter you started from the beginning or two days ago, I'm truly grateful! 2015 was an incredible year, I travelled to Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, I can't wait to see what's next. Happy New Year! All the best to you amazing human beings. 





不懂得休息,一直是我的壞習慣之一。每當手邊有一件自己想做的事,就會發瘋似的每天不停地向前衝,就算跌到了,還是會連滾帶爬的站起來繼續向前,欲速則不達。2015 後半年,我發現自己有很多天都累到頭暈,真的是那種本來要到咖啡廳編輯照片,後來發現不行折返回家結果一躺就是十個小時。身邊有很多很厲害的人,看著他們我總覺得我也可以,可以一個學期拿滿四科,同時幫雜誌寫文章,一邊經營部落格,還有做攝影方面的工作,是的我可以,但是前提是我犧牲了許多個人的時間。兩個禮拜前,我發現自己因為要上搭長途飛機感到無比期待,不是因為要回家,是因為在這接下來的十三個小時中,我不需要打開電腦,可以好好放鬆看電影吃零食(怎麼感覺有點悲哀),也就是在那個當下發現事態的嚴重性。所以,新的一年,我決定要學會休息,放慢腳步。