Time Machine


 My general accessorise routine is a black watch, and sliding a gold ring on my index finger.

cluse watch It’s 6AM and its still black outside. I had such a great time in Asia last week, and coming back to London made me realised how much I actually needed this holiday. I can't believe my first week back in London has passed already, where did all the time go? Also, my lifelong sleeping problem has decided to invite herself back to the house, meaning not being able to sleep till 3AM, but still wake up at 5 sharp. So here I am, with my beloved chai seed breakfast bowl, dreaming about the amazing food back home, writing to you lot. 

My relationship with watches is – like my preference on every other style related pieces: black, simple, and something that looks like its stolen from the boys' closet. From time to time, a few feminine details may jazz up a bit, but mostly its boyfriend-ish. Plainly speaking, my general daily accessorise routine is a black watch with a gold ring on my index finger. That's my arm party. And man, my obsession with black colours, I presume, is never going to end. No kidding, every watch I've bought so far, is black. And just like any cliché story, I'm here with another black watch. 


我喜歡的手錶,基本上和我穿衣服的風格差不多:簡單、黑色,中性中帶點小細節。我喜歡基本的線條和 oversize 的衣服,或許有時候會有些女性化的點綴,但大部分時候都很極簡。而我平時出門的配件不外乎就是黑色的手錶配上金色的戒指。我真的很愛黑色,連我自己也說不清為什麼,感覺到老都會不變(笑)是的,所以呢,我今天要來分享的就是,黑色的手錶。 cluse watch cluse watch This Cluse La Bohème Watch is my latest time machine. At 20, my mum gave me a beautiful vintage watch, and since then, I've started loving watches. I'm not a collector, no. In fact, my need for these delicate time pieces comes from one practical life concern – I'm terrible with remembering the time. So, instead of pulling my phone out every 5 minutes, I got myself a few watches, okay...I'll admit, more than a few. But hey, a girl's gotta know the time right? 

When I ordered it online, I was so afraid that the strap length is going to be too long for my wrist (which most watches are, and I'll have to go through the pain of bringing it to a store for adjustment, I'm lazy btw). But it turns out to be perfectly my size, hurray for all you 5 foot 2 gals like me! The rose gold made the jet-black body impossibly elegant, plus its so light-weighted. Not to mention that it goes perfectly well with my bulky winter knits. Black Cluse Watch and black sweaters? Its happening. And of course, they hit all shores for free. 

Cluse 是我在 Instagram 上關注很久的品牌,迷人的北歐極簡質感,實在很難抗拒,後來發現價錢是可接受的,就訂了。對於手錶的喜愛是在剛滿二十歲的時候開始的,當時吳小姐送了我一支復古的錶款,對於這個配件的熱愛就這麼開始了。而且比起用手機看時間,我還是習慣看手錶,感覺比較瀟灑(笑)皮質錶帶最吸引人的就是時間久後,會有獨一無二的仿舊感,而且我選得黑色不容易髒,感覺可以使用很久。

我選的是 Cluse La Bohème Watch. 雖然是歐美的品牌,但錶面的大小和錶帶的長度以我們亞洲來說很剛好,省去了以前買錶都要特別再在店裏剪錶帶的時間,好啦,我承認我很懶。玫瑰金替原本粗獷中性的黑色增添了不一樣的氣質,個性又優雅。錶本身很輕不會重,而且簡單的設計很適合與與不同的服裝混搭,像我自從入手後,幾乎每天上學都拿出來戴,很適合跟我一樣喜歡低調風格的女孩。 cluse watch cluse watch And today, I finally started using my tripod again! Running from one corner of the living room to another like its some sort of cardio, this is what happens when you use a 85mm. But I'm not complaining, its the lens I use the most, and its one of my favourites. On that note, what cameras do you guys use? I'm a fixed lens kind of person, you? So the weekend is over, I can't wait to start the week with a productive Monday. Kind of. 

為了拍這組照片,終於再度架起陳放在旁邊很久的腳架,以前在台灣都是楊小妹幫我拍的。為了調整角度,花了一個早上從客廳的一角跑到最遠的另一角,再重複(默)不過那也是因為我用的是 85mm 的鏡頭。說到這裡,大家平時用的是那種相機?我個人偏好定焦鏡,你們呢?祝你們星期一愉快唷。