Not A Tourist

I'm here for a staycation. Fortunately, it has become quite a trend.

the soho hotel

Every time when someone wants me to recommend a hotel in London, I always ask if they are huge on designs, if so, my answer will be The Soho Hotel. Always. Kit Kemp, (oh Kit Kemp), you are truly a my interior design goddess. No matter how many times I stay in the Soho, they never failed to surprise me. Every room tells a story. It's one of those stays that you feel like you can actually live there. If I have a limitless credit card, of course. 

The Soho Hotel can be quite different from my usual minimalism preference. Their rooms are bold, colourful and warm – almost homey if not for the amazing food from room service. Seriously, try the apple crumble tart, I had it two days in a roll. Okay, for someone who lives in London, I may be looking for new design or boutique hotels too much. But hey, who says hotels are only for tourists. I'm not a tourist, I'm here for a staycation. Fortunately, it has become quite a trend.

So now, please enjoy a peak to the interior of their new penthouse suite, definitely my cup of tea. 

假如有人問說倫敦的旅館推薦下榻那間的時候,我都會先問問,他們是否和我一樣同樣偏好獨特的設計,如果是,我的答案就會是 The Soho Hotel,每次都是。造訪 The Soho Hotel 已經三次,而每次的房間都能夠帶給我不全新的感受,彷彿每間房都有著自己的故事,也讓我不得不佩服設計師 Kit Kemp 的實力。Kit Kemp 設計的旅館橫跨倫敦,光是市區就有四家,除了歐洲,在美國紐約也能找到她得作品。

其實,The Soho Hotel 和我平時愛好的黑白極簡風很不同,顏色很繽紛,色調也偏暖,整體的風格很溫馨,很有家的感覺。若不是因為每天都能在飯店嚐到厲害精緻的餐點,還真以為在自己家呢!說到餐點,非常推薦蘋果塔,好吃到我們連續兩個晚上都點來房間吃。或許以一個居住在當地的人來說,我可能真的花太多時間收集旅館方面的資訊,不過,是誰說旅館只能給觀光客住呢?像我們這樣,住上一個週末,讓自己休息放鬆也是個很好的選擇呀!所謂的「Staycation」就是這麼回事。


the soho hotelthe soho hotelthe soho hotelthe soho hotel the soho hotelthe soho hotelthe soho hotel the soho hotel the soho homethe soho hotelthe soho hotelIt turns out, the weekend wasn't all play no work – the gigantic window brought in so much natural light, and the pattern of the wooden coffee table was too pretty to pass for a shoot. How perfect. 

You're married to your job, they say. No jest. And I'm not hating it. x

事實上,這次來到 The Soho Hotel 也不全然是在休息放空,每天早上都利用房間的充足的採光和空間拍攝了不少工作上需要的照片,到時候再一一與你們分享,敬請期待。