A Tea Lover's Tale


I've decided to cross off coffee on my 'what I want to do when I grow up' list.kusmi tea

So ever since I secretly sip from my mum's expresso 10 years ago, I've decided to cross off coffee on my 'what I want to do when I grow up' list. I never thought of giving it a try again. I guess Americano is just not something for a 13 years old. Perhaps another 10 years, bare with me. And this is probably why I've fallen in love with tea. Madly in love. 

Since living alone, drinking tea has become one of favourite evening activity.I love taking my time boiling water, picking a favourite cup and enjoy whatever tea I picked from the shelf. Teas are so great, because different leaves have different improvements on your health. For example, green tea is known for giving you a healthy skin, while chamomile tea can really calm you down. I tend to visit the Kusmi Tea store in Marylebone from time to time aiming to try something new. Though most of time, I'll most likely still walk out with the same three flavours – Jasmine Greem, Early Grey and BB Detox. 


自從大學開始自己住後,越來越能與自己相處,也開始懂得享受在家裡給自己泡杯熱茶的時刻。聽起來或許做作,但就是這樣短暫十分鐘的放鬆,才能夠舒緩一整天緊繃的神經。況且,茶葉對身體也是有許多好處,像是綠茶對皮膚很好,然後洋甘菊則有助眠的功效等等。在這裏,每隔一段時間,我就會到位於 Marylebone 的 Kusmi Tea 去看看有沒有不同的茶可以試,雖然常常晃了好久,最後還是都把我自己偏好的綠茶、伯爵和排毒茶帶回家(笑)

cams tea kusmi tea

Kusmi Tea was originally founded in St Petersburg, and now run by a Parisian company. The brand has 150 years history and experience of making tea. If you remember, this is not necessarily a new topic here on the blog. In fact, I've briefly talked about it here September, and after almost 5 months, it is still my favourite go-to tea every evening. Though, to be honest, I was first attracted to the brand by its packaging. I mean, look at the beautiful colour and pattern on the box. 

For starters, instead of buying a box of one single flavour like me, I would  recommend trying their Essential Gift Box, which includes 12 of their most popular flavours. So you'll know which one is more your taste. 

Kusmi Tea 一開始其實是源自俄羅斯,但後來則是有巴黎的商人接手,前前後後總共累積了超過150年的製茶經驗。如果你們很記得的話,我第一次嘗試其實是在去年九月,過了半年對於他們的茶葉我還是很滿意。而且她們的包裝很精美,不管是送禮還是自用都很賞心悅目。

台灣好像沒有實體店面可以讓大家試聞茶葉,不過,進口超市或是聯馥食品的官網也都能找到喔。如果不知道要怎麼選,我建議可以試試他們的綜合禮盒,裏頭包含了Kusmi Tea 的12種不同的人氣茶包,試過就比較能知道自己愛的是那種口味。

kusmi tea

Meanwhile, Fashion week is currently happening here in London. And I'm going to my very first showroom presentation in less than 48 hours. I'm freaking out. I should calm down. Drink Tea. x

另外,時裝週目前正在倫敦進行中,再不到48小時,我就要參加我在倫敦的第一場 Showroom,真緊張。


Kusmi Tea Marylebone Store 15 Marylebone High St, London W1U