There's always that one thing about a trip that makes your heart beat a little faster–Like the snow in Munich. 


I'm back. In London. This time for three weeks. While the next couple of weeks will most likely be me panicking for school portfolios and photography projects, I am still extremely happy to stay in.

A week before I jetted off, my friend just got back from Germany, and her experience wasn't overall satisfying. I was so afraid her story will influence my impression as soon as I touch down. But having the privilege to grow up with loads of travelling, I'm lucky enough to feel comfortable under different cultural origins. To be honest, I've never been to a place that I genuinely just don't like or feel disoriented in. I have my parents to thank for this, they take travelling as something pretty serious. And I sort of picked it up along the way. 


在正式出發前,朋友剛好從德國回來,不巧的是,她的經驗並不太好。當下聽完她的故事,其實有點害怕自己會在抵達前就對這個地方有偏見。不過很幸運的是,在家庭、學業和工作各個層面,都時常碰到可以旅行的機會,所以到目前為止,並沒有真正討厭過一個地方,也很少因為在不熟悉的城市感到格格不入。說是樂觀也好,神經大條也行,對於自己能夠快速適應這件事,一直都覺得感激。sofitel munich

sofitel munichmunichmunichsofitel munich

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, is just two mins walk from the central station–München Hauptbahnhof. It is one of those hotels with beautiful collections of photography and contemporary artworks. The room we stayed in was located on the highest 8th floor, and it comes with a loverly city view. Our  complimentary breakfast can be either enjoyed in the room or the restaurant, and of course, I jumped at the first chance I get to experience breakfast in bed. Every morning, after a pastry basket and fruit bowls, I'm all charged ready to go. 

到沒去過的城市旅遊,住宿我都會盡量已交通方便為主。上網做了點功課,發現慕尼黑的 Sofitel Bayerpost 就在中央車站旁(步行約兩分鐘),加上之前在別的國家住過相同品牌的旅館,印象也很好。怎麼看,都覺得以第一造訪的城市來說,這是最好的選擇。下榻的房間是位於頂樓較寬敞的房型,挑高的設計配上整片的落地窗,一走進來,就感受到了慕尼黑美麗的景色與陽光,嘴角都忍不住上揚了。附上的早餐,可以選擇在餐廳或是房間享用。我個人特別喜歡在房裡吃早餐,一早起來,東摸摸西摸摸,在床邊吃點水果和麵包再出門,好愜意,特別有放假的感覺呢!

munichmunich munich maelu

For a photographer, the first thing you notice about a new city is usually the light. Even though sometimes you get dragged away by the amazing desserts. Australia has the best photo-welcoming golden sunlight, especially in the early evening. Then, there's always the poetic Parisian blue lights. And Germany, Munich in particular, is very clear. The shadows are not dusty at all, casting a nature cold filter–which in my opinion, is just well. 

The temperature in Munich, to my surprise, is a lot lower than London. Interestingly, even though I spent most of my time outside, I did not felt the cold at all. Perhaps its because of all the walking, I can't remember the last time I explored so much by foot. One of the highlights was to meet up with Fanning from Yes Please Enjoy! I worked as her assistant a year ago during her business trip in Taiwan. She was kind, warm and of course, very professional. That particular Saturday was filled with tuns of long chats and good laughs. Well, well. All good memories. 

自從開始攝影後,到一個城市旅遊最先注意到的都是光線(當然,還有美味的甜點)。以前在澳洲的時候,常常會有所謂的 golden light,當時的我也都習慣在接近傍晚的時候出門拍照。前幾個月,在巴黎,發現那裡的光線和法式建築相呼應,是詩情畫意的的藍色。那慕尼黑呢?這四天下來,發現這裡的光線很清晰,陰影的部分不會霧霧的,散發出一種天然的冷色調,正好是我個人很喜歡的風格。

慕尼黑的氣溫比倫敦低許多,但因為這趟走了很多路,所以反而一點都不覺得冷。這趟,很幸運地陽光普照,只有一天下雨,所以與朋友們相約碰面時,距離允許的話,都會提早出門步行到地點。另外,這次也和 Yes Please Enjoy 的凡寧碰了面。當時,她回台灣工作兩個星期,有機會當了她的實習助理。一年過去了,雖然我們各自在歐洲不同的城市,依然會相互通信關心。一整天下來,走走逛逛、聊天大笑;能夠在慕尼黑見面,現在想想,真的覺得不可思議。




There's always that one thing about travelling that makes your heart beat a little faster. This time in Munich, is seeing the snow. Believe it or not, this is my first snow experience in Europe. Even on my way to the Airport, I'm still snapping shots from the other side of the window. I honestly can't think of any better way to wrap up the trip. 

In short, a snowing weekend trip is the solution to all your problems. No jest. x