February Favourites


Alright, I admit, I only found out that I'm awfully late for my February Favourites two days ago. As often as I do so, I didn't realise it is half-pass March already. Until my mum texted to confirm my flight arrival details. Which is happening in less than a week. After juggling to fit in the perfect leisure and business travel schedule, I finally get to squeeze sometime to head home for a few weeks. So yes, I'm jetting back to Taiwan, Australia, followed by 36 hours in Seoul, then back to London. Its crazy. I know. But I'm extremely excited.  Despite this being a delayed post, I am still psyched to share my new discoveries with you guys. By NEW, I literally mean it, since none of these are from brands I've tried or used before. And I'm so happy I found them. Here we go! 



sans body wash

1// Sans PH Perfect Body Wash 

Ever since I moved to Europe, I find that my legs in particular, struggle to stay hydrated on the same body wash regimen. This PH perfect body wash from Sans is amazing, the Lychee extract is highly moisturising, per se, a dry skin like mine just drinks it up.

我對於身體保養的熱忱遠遠低於臉部的,就覺得洗完澡吹完頭髮還要東擦西擦 嗯,有一點麻煩(默)所以我都會盡量使用 Body & Showe Oil 類的,這樣洗完的時候就算忘記擦乳液,皮膚也不會太乾。Sans 是來自紐西蘭的品牌,創辦者Lucy Vincent Marr 利用自身在美妝美髮20年的經驗,開發出一套天然有機的身體和頭髮的保養系列。我選的是荔枝萃取類的,偏油的質地,在歐洲使用很剛好。

rose scent candle

2// Diptyque Rose Scent Candle

I got this in a christmas gift bag from Liberty, I didn't unpack it until recently I finished the one on my bedside table. The rose scent is a really natural and it reminds me of a good spa. Candles really add a relaxing and romantic mood to your space, plus, they are also great decor pieces when they're unlit! 

拿到這個香氛蠟燭其實是去年聖誕節的事了,但因為一直到最近才有替換的需要,所以這個月才開始試用。Diptyque 這個香氛品牌相信大家都很熟悉,我這款是玫瑰味道的,輕重拿捏得很剛好,香味不會太重,很舒服。我覺得蠟燭除了可以製造氣氛外,平常不點的時候擺在床頭櫃也能當裝飾用,是很值得的投資。

Feb favourites Caudalie

3// Caudalíe Gentle Buffing Cream + Grape Water Mist

French skincare is something I've been curious about a long time. And Caudalie is one of those top on the list. First, they focus on natural ingredients. Second, they are against animal testing. I reckon, the later says it all. 

The gentle buffing cream is the facial scrub I use the most for the moment. Unlike many other exfoliate products that can be quite harsh, this one is very gentle but still does good cleaning job. As I haven't found a facial I particularly love in London, I use it once a week, as part of my home facial routine. I also bought the Grape water as an inflight mist, and I've been loving it since. 

許多法國的護膚品牌,都是保養的指標之一。以前最一開始接觸的是 Sothy's,很喜歡他麼的化妝水,也是我長期下來會一直回購的品牌,不過這個下次再來介紹。這次要分享的是 Caudalíe,一開始會注意到他們是因為當時正在找沒嘗試過的天然且不做動物性實驗的保養品,而 Caudalíe 在倫敦又有齊全的專賣店,便決定試試。

在國外的時候,都是自己在家裡做些簡單的去角質和面膜,等回台灣才給做臉阿姨處理,一種定期回家維修的概念(笑)Caudalíe 的去角質是我喜歡的溫和型,用法有點類似磨砂型的面膜。在臉還沒全乾的時候,在臉上輕輕按摩,然後用溫水洗掉,碰到水以後就會分解融化,是很好清洗的質地,不會有怎麼樣都洗不乾淨的黏稠感。另外一瓶保濕噴霧當初是因為有優惠才買的,想說旅行在飛機上可以用,氣味是淡淡的葡萄味,保濕效果好,也很喜歡。 vogue 100 exhibition

4// VOGUE 100 Year Exhibition: A Century of Style

The best thing about living in London, is having the chance to see endless exhibitions and galleries. Held at the National Portrait Gallery, in order to celebrate their one century milestone, British Vogue is currently showing around 300 photographs from the past hundred year. The size of this exhibition is really phenomenal, we even get to to see the very first British Vogue issue from 1916. Though this exhibition is probably more of a treat for my UK readers, I did wrote a more depth column about this exhibition in Mandarin here. Take a look! 

我認為住在倫敦最好的一件事就是有看不完的展覽、畫廊或是博物館。今年,英國版的 Vogue正式邁入第一百週年,為了記錄這走過一世紀的里程碑,在 National Portrait Gallery 舉辦了為期三個月的展覽。裡面呈現了時尚與攝影間的相輔相成,也大方的展示了一百本雜誌,讓大家可以看看從紙本雜誌一路來的轉變(再還沒有相機攝影的時候,雜誌裡的內頁都是以插畫完成的呢!)。一直以來都很喜歡讀英國版的 Vogue,因為他們除了致力於時裝外,同時也將時尚和藝術、政治和社會議題作結合。在我看來,以與時尚有關的展覽來說,這是我目前看過最過癮的、最讓人驚艷的。


February favourites

I hope you enjoyed my February Favourites. I personally really love them, because most of them are all better than I expected. Let me know what you think in the comments area! Or share yours, I would love to know.  Have a great week! x

希望你們喜歡這次的 February Favourites,這是我目前最喜歡的一個月之一,因為有很多東西都比想像中還要好用。你們也可以留言自己分享自己這個月的新發現喔,我也很想知道呢!祝大家接下來這個禮拜過得順利。