Mr. Tom Wood


Lately, I’ve been leaning towards the ‘eternal classic’ field in designs.

tom wood

Perhaps its that time of my life, a specific moment when you sense a change in taste. Taste in books, style, restaurants even. I wouldn't label this as me becoming an actual adult. I'm not. You see, I still love having hot chocolate with marshmallows, and I still have the entire Powerpuff Girls series in my iTunes. But one day, as I look at my jewellery drawer, I couldn't help to realise a significant shift in choices. I have officially said goodbye to the girl a year ago, who stacks everything on her wrist and fingers. My point is, lately, I've been leaning towards the 'eternal classic' field in designs. So when I first saw Tom Wood a few months back, I fell for it. And I fell hard.  

其實人到一定的階段都是會改變的,不管是對事情的態度,喜愛的地方、音樂類型、飲食到時尚都是如此。隨著年紀增長,我發現自己不管是旅遊或購物,都越來越容易被不過分華麗造作的模式吸引。大約一年多兩年前,我極度熱愛飾品,雙手總是堆疊著滿滿的戒指手環,做事情的時候還會叮噹作響。時間久了,反而開始趨於簡單一點的搭配,兩三個戒指,配上一支最近特別喜歡的錶款,這樣就很剛好。有時候,回頭看看以前照片都忍不住笑出聲,以前的那個女孩,真瘋狂(笑)前陣子在網路上看見了來品牌 Tom Wood 的設計師專訪,點進官網,立刻愛上他們俐落有個性的設計。仔細一查,發現原來在倫敦市區 Dover Street Market 就有他們的販賣據點呢!

tom_woodTOM WOOD


The Norwegian brand was established in 2013 by Mona Jensen. Tom Wood may not be a new player in the jewellery game, but it is one I know I will keep returning to. I only ordered my first ring through Dover Street Market early this year, and it took about 4 weeks for me to see this beauty in person, but let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. The same reason why I always wear a leather jackets when I don't know what to wear: effortless, timeless and all about quality. Again, classic is the best. 

This is to date, one of the most stressful shoots I've done in a whileshot an hour before I leave the house for my Munich trip. Which in my advice, is not a good idea. Ah, the complicated feeling of getting good photos and missing the flight. Thanks to my cab driver, who intelligently avoided the traffic, I was on time. 

Gotta go now, cheers. x

Tom Wood 成立於2013年,設計師和創辦人是來自挪威的 Mona Jensen。以北歐的極簡風為主要路線,在戒指上上分成兩個路線,一個是我手上的偏大型的圖章型戒指,另一個是偏細的款式,會在另一篇做介紹。Signet Ring 單一搭配起來就非常有個性,就算和別的戒指手環一同出現也不失風采。照片裡的戒指是在今年年初購買的,因為倫敦店裡的使寸很少要直接和品牌下訂,所以等了大概一個月。戒指本身質感或是細節方面水平都很高,這幾個禮拜的等待完全值得。不得不說,果然還是這樣經典簡約的樣式最好。