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High five to you, Vanessa, and your exceptional creativity. 


Attic, is always one of those first few brands that spring to mind on the question of Taiwanese jewellery designers. Where did you get that? Where are they from? Is there a store? Over my past few years with Attic Accessories, showing their line on my arm party, the brand's spirit has caught quite a lot of souls. Vintage souls, might I add. 

Indeed, vintage is absolutely one of Attic's significant characteristic. 

When I stopped by Vanessa's (the designer) new studio a couple of days ago, in the midst of feeling terribly jet-lagged and extremely excited, I was introduced to a brief presentation of the brand's past and present collections.

好幾年了,只要有我向我問起台灣的飾品設計師,Attic 小閣樓 絕對會是我口中的名單之一。從一開始關注、購買到配戴,不管是在澳洲還是倫敦,時常都被店員指著手上的戒指手環,「哪裡可以買呀?」、「這是什麼品牌?」或是「有店面嗎?」。特別是鍾愛復古風格的朋友們,總是一下子就被那溫暖的銅色吸引。

是呀,想起 Attic 小閣樓,腦海中都會不自覺浮現歐洲復古女伶的身影。

在回台灣前,看見 Vanessa 在網路上說第一個正式的工作室終於開幕了。透過網路,與她確定了日期,在下飛機的隔天,就和 The Caca Diaries 的 Jessica 共同前往。即便是有時差,對於時間還是處於混淆的狀態,但當天隨著約好的時間逼近,完全壓抑不住內心的期待。位於新北市徐匯中學附近的工作室,映入眼簾的是,最豐富、最真實的Attic 小閣樓。

Attic Accessories
Attic Accessories

On materials, unlike the commonly seen silver and gold, Vanessa chose to use copper. The warm lustre and texture was one of those things that drawn me to the brand. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of vintage jewellery. But in Attic, I did find quite a lot of edgy pieces, which I felt more comfortable in. That's the thing in fashion, you just have to explore and experiment to know what suits you best. For example like this black and pearl open ring, though pearls can be really girly, but the black zircon brought in the men. 

以創作素材來說,有別於一邊市面上常見的金和銀,Vanessa 選用的是黃銅和異材質的混搭。在工作室內,不管是品牌風格還是設計師本人的喜好都一覽無遺。不大的空間,有著各個地方蒐集來的復古裝飾和物件,與作品共同陳列。雖然自己對於品牌的質感和水平都已經相當熟悉,但眼前的氛圍,更準確地表達了小閣樓的精神,也讓我更加仰慕設計師的獨具。就這樣,我們在舒適溫馨的工作室中,喝茶聊天,度過了一個愉快的下午。欣賞飾品之餘,也發現,眼前的創作者,很認真很有想法,對於未來,也一直在規劃著。往後我們或許還能與她學習如何製作飾品,又或著,會有除了 Facebook 以外的購物平台也不一定,大家就和我一起耐心等待吧(笑)其實以前對於復古風格的東西其實並沒有太大的感覺,但在接觸了 Attic 之後,在她的作品中發現了不一樣的 Vintage Style。是誰說復古一定就是氣質文雅?在小閣樓,有個性、有簡約,也有狂野。像是我手上的戒指,就是我很喜歡的混搭,黑白色系,有女人味之餘,也多了分直率感。


It's been ten years since Vanessa started working on Attic. And I was so touched that afternoon, because even though its been 10 years, I can still see her passion. There is always a next step. And that's the most fascinating thing about meeting all these amazing creatives, to them, inspiration is everywhere.

In a place with relatively smaller fashion industry like Taiwan, it can be too easy to just follow the trend, and fall into the satisfaction in market security – all too often, and not just in small designer brands, even those media approved ones. We all want to rise, but with who? I know there is no breaking the bond between fashion and business. But I feel like it should always be more about taste than the business. And I hope I'm right. 

And of course, Vanessa and Attic Accessories, has not stopped innovating, since I, at the age of 20 bought my very first bracelet. It was my very first piece from a Taiwanese brand. And I'm glad I invested in it. You see, their jewellery is pretty identical, but every season, you see changes that just make you surrender your credit card. High five to you, Vanessa, and your exceptional creativity. 

一開始,Vanessa 在飾品材料行工作,前前後後十多年,讓她對於各個環節都相當熟悉。從跑市集、網路販賣到擁有自己的工作室,一路來的辛苦可想而知。因為不喜歡一直重複製作相同的飾品,而且有些材料製作完就沒有了,所以比起長年款,在小閣樓更多的是限量版。加上 Vanessa 本身對於飾品創作的熱忱,對她來說,靈感就在生活中。


值得一提的是,Attic 和 Vanessa,從我滿二十歲第一次購買到現在,一直都在推陳出新,在識別度和創作中找到了最好的平衡,在每次的新品中,帶個人不一樣的驚喜。小閣樓是我第一個入手的台灣品牌,我很慶幸自己做了這個選擇。想到這裡,不禁有些感動,想跟 Vanessa 來個精神上的擊掌(笑)


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, how are you all spending Easter & Good Friday? I am currently in Melbourne, revisiting my favourite spots during the day, and writing during the night in my hotel room. How poetic. I'd like to think my cray cray schedule as me on the way to accomplish something slowly. Baby steps, just baby steps for now. x


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