Just when I thought my holiday has been a total disaster, I found Xiang Se. And suddenly the past 14 days seems great.


It's been a while since I wrote here. A terrible cold got in the way. Two weeks, I've been travelling with a crazy headache for two weeks. Bummer. Just when I thought my holiday has been a total disaster because of the cold, I discovered Xiang Se. And suddenly the past 14 days seems great.

Okay, so if we are friends on Instagram, you'll see I've been posting a few sneak peeks of this beautiful dining spot in Taipei –Xiang Se. And this is where I will be taking my friends for the next few months, or perhaps the primary reason why I make dining plans. Friends from work, from University, high school and even elementary school...'Wanna get together next week?'. And catch up via some amazing European dishes, shall we? 


好的,假如我們在 Instagram 上是朋友的話,你們就會發現我前幾天到了位於湖口街的香色用餐。從去年開始就一直有人推薦,卻一直沒機會,這次因為剛好有住在東京和曼谷的朋友回台灣,立刻想到這裡。去了一次,就已經下定決心,在接下來的聚會,我都會推薦香色當作地點,不管是料理或是氣氛都深得我心。


Walking into Xiang Se, was like magic, a display designed to make you feel like you're actually in France, Provence maybe. Wooden table settings, white flowers, and beautifully mottled vintage furnitures. The timing couldn't be any better, back in a few years, I wouldn't be able to appreciate a decor like this. Fast forward to the current time-being, I've become a lot more open minded with style. Taste changes, and I'm glad it does. Now, I'm definitely a happy customer. 



Starting with a light and fresh vegetable salad, following by a beautiful tomato gnocchi served with dice beef and bread. This is my personal favourite savoury dish of the day. Normally, gnocchi is made from potatoes, but Xiang Se used yam for their's, which made the texture relatively chewier. I would say, this is definitely one of the best I've had in Taiwan, or in Asia even. If you only have room for one main course, this will be the one.  



And then there's this Asian inspired duck spaghetti. I love the fact that they source ingredients locally. For instance, the duck here is from Yilan, which is considered pretty famous in Taiwan. Are we drooling yet? 



I've always think of dessert as the taste that determines it all. The sweet final touch. I've already blasted their canelé over Facebook and Instagram after that particular Friday afternoon. Being one of the restaurant's signatures, unlike the traditional bell shape, their version is created in brick form. Just like how a perfect canelé should taste like, crunchy outside, smooth and soft at the inside –Which says it all. 

一頓美好的午餐,怎麼能少了美味的甜點呢?自從那天的聚會,我已經在 Facebook 和 Instagram 大力宣傳他們的可麗露。不像一般常見的鈴鐺形狀,這裏的是仿磚塊的外型,所以取名為「黑磚可麗露」。一個完美的可麗露,最重要的就是要有外脆內軟的口感,而香色的正是如此。我們一致認為,光是黑磚可麗露就已足夠讓我們一再回訪。xiang_se_taipeixiang_se_taipeixiang_se_taipeiIf you're like me, obsessed with discovering new dining spots, Taiwan is currently a good choice. The Taiwanese food industry is evolving fast, for the past a year or two, there have been more than a handful of new places coming up. All great places. Xiang Se, in particular, is by far, my favourite discovery of the year. 

Meanwhile, as I'm slowly getting my strength back, I am reorganising my scattered schedule and projects back on track. So hopefully, all my stuff can be online really soon. Finger crossed. x



xiang_se_taipeixiang_se_taipeiXiang Se • 香色 No.1-2 Hukou St., Zhongzheng Dist Taipei City // 台北市中正區湖口街1-2 +886 2 2358-1819