As cheesy as it sounds, in a city where every week there's a new cafe opening, Fabrica may just be what I've been looking for. 

After being sick for almost three weeks, I gained an appreciation for being able to spend a day outside my house without feeling sleepy every few hours. A couple of days go, as I’m celebrating being a healthy person again, together with Jessica from CaCa Diaries, we spend a decent afternoon at Fabrica Cafe –a cafe with the best magazine collection, I reckon. I just love it, maybe because I do have a thing for glossy publications and beautiful photographs. And it has always been a dream of mine, to live in an apartment with stacks of precious magazine issues. Yeah, since I haven’t share with you all my Taipei Cafe Guide a while, here we go. I promise, its worth the wait. 

為期三個禮拜的復活節假期,前面兩個禮拜都在生病,在痊癒後,才發現原來能在外面走跳一整天也不覺得累真的是件值得開心的事。幾天前,和卡卡日記的 Jessica 一同前往位於大安區的 Fabrica 椅子咖啡。對於這個空間的第一印象就是他們豐富的雜誌和書本,因為工作與課業的關係,我個人非常喜歡翻閱圖片書籍,所以一走進來,就覺得特別興奮。離上一篇台灣的咖啡廳分享已經隔好一段時間了,時間雖然久,但是等待絕對是值得的,一起看看吧。


For the past few years in Taiwan, there's been this worshipping of 'good designs' –not that I actually know what a good design is meant to look like, though in my book, design should never be just about something fancy. Never mind your general impression of design cafes, Fabrica, is one of those that really understands the importance of combing design into life. Which is why, this place has become my latest sweetheart, dedicated to loads of discovering new gems and good food & drink. Plus, if you look closely, you'll figure out almost every chair here is different. I personally love how they chose to dedicate the space for rising Taiwanese designers. You see, all those gems on the shelf change form time to time, all made in Taiwan, all comes with great quality and creativity. 

台灣從過去幾年開始,對於「設計」的需求和認知越來越廣泛。隨著能夠接觸的相關領域越來越多,常常會想,到底所謂「好的設計」是什麼呢?對我來說,設計不只要有美麗的樣貌,能夠簡單地融入生活也是很重要的。椅子咖啡,不單單只是咖啡廳,同時也是個能夠接觸到許多台灣新興設計師與作品的空間,得知他們如此細心規劃的理念後,就一直期盼著這天的到來。除了眼前多元滿目的椅子收藏(是的,在 Fabrica 每張椅子都不相同),更吸引人的是,店裏所陳列的各式設計商品,他們沒有過多繁複的細節,在視覺上趨於經典舒服,功能也是相當生活化。這點,與我對於設計的個人偏好,恰巧不謀而合。


This particular grey wall is probably my favourite spot in the cafe. Fabrica teamed up with Boven, to bring customers one of the best reading lists one can ask for. Cereal, Frame, Intereior design, Holiday...name it, and you shall find it. Most of my cafe hopping experience includes some sorts of photo editing with my mac, but for the first time ever, I recommend to not bring your laptop, just spend the afternoon flicking through these amazing print inspirations. Well, at least this is my plan next time. 

這面灰牆,是我在椅子咖啡裡最愛的角落。與 Boven 雜誌圖書館合作,經過挑選,帶個客人有趣又豐富的設計與生活雜誌。不管是 Cereal, Frame, Interio Design 或是 Holiday 這些在台灣比較難以入手的紙本刊物,在 Fabrica 一應俱全。一般來說,我到咖啡廳都習慣攜帶筆電完成手上的事項。不過,這次我決定不推薦大家這麼做,與其埋頭於螢幕和鍵盤中,我覺得享受椅子咖啡最好的方式,就是花一個下午,點杯飲料,嚐嚐餐點,翻閱這些雜誌圖書。想想,在現在這個資訊與電子滂礡的社會,這樣的時光,有多難得美好。


Savoury dishes in cafes, are sometimes difficult to justify. Far too often, I find the sweet stuffs are the ones doing better. However, in Fabrica, this is not the case. The Chicken & Mushroom Risotto, truffle based, cooked with the relatively more chewy Italian rice, is a favourite of the cafe's regulars. YUM...and there's always the open sandwiches served with chips and salad for those who prefer something lighter. Okay, want something more finger-ish? Don't miss out the fried chicken. I mean who doesn't love a small pot of nicely flavoured and juicy fried chicken! 

The food & drink here doesn't come with a lot of components, everything is simple. Simple, but delicious. Like how the milk tea (or should I say tea latte?) tastes so much richer than your average ones, its because there's not even of a drop of water in it. And the foam is created purely with fresh milk. Get what I mean now? 


一個下午下來,我發現 Fabrica 的餐點不花俏,走的是簡單的路線,但全部都是質樸的好滋味。好比當初喝了第一口他們的英式純鮮奶茶,就發現他們的味道比一般外面的濃郁很多。向店員詢問後才知道,這杯奶茶是完全不加水的,利用鮮奶打出的奶泡口感特別綿密,忍不住一口接一口,馬上就喝完了。


This is how a perfect afternoon in Fabrica looks like. Celebrating designs, food & drink, with the company of a good book or two from their shelf. As cheesy as it sounds, in a city where every week there's a new cafe opening, this just may be what I'm looking for. 

新鮮美味的餐點和飲品,讀上幾本雜誌讀物,被心儀的設計圍繞著,這樣的桌景就是我夢寐以求的啊。聽起來或許俗氣,但在這時常有新咖啡廳在開幕的城市裡,Fabrica 椅子咖啡正是我一直在找尋的空間。

Fabrica Cafe • 椅子咖啡
No. 11, Lane 329, Section 1 Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District Taipei City
台北市敦化南路一段329巷11號 +886 2 2700 0780


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