When it comes to your skin, do it as the Koreans.

aromepacific A few weeks ago, while having brunch with my girlfriends, we got talking about the Korean skincare. Before taping the depth of the ocean myself, I've already heard about how they are so effective on achieving the dewy skin. I feel like Korean skincare is like the super-food in the industry. Think Kale for your skin, but forget the colour. The real question is, which brand to go for? 

And here enters AMORE PACIFIC.

AMORE PACIFIC is one of the biggest brand in Korean skincare industry. Believing in the natural power of botanicals, their secret mojo is green tea sprouts. Now, I am a total tea-lover, who thinks coffee is too bitter and taste a bit like medicine (my apologies to all the coffee experts out there). So I was super excited when I read about this during my research. Yeah, anytime when I feel like trying something new for my skin, I tend to go crazy researching. Because for someone who's all up for mountain skiing and bungee jumping, beauty alone is still a topic I'm quite afraid about. Thanks to my sensitive skin.  

幾個禮拜前,和幾位女生朋友吃早午餐的時談論到「韓國保養」的風潮,像我這樣老是跟不上韓劇潮流(我目前還停留在浪漫滿屋)的都知道,韓國的很多品牌很厲害。連這趟到歐洲,意外地發現雖然歐美本身就已經有許多大品牌,當地人對所謂的 Korean Skincare 也都有著很高的評價。還記得幾年前和朋友共遊韓國的時候,也被交代要多逛逛保養品和美妝。是呀,雖然一再被推薦,但在這麼多的品牌,到底該怎麼選擇呢?


AMORE PACIFIC 是韓國最大的護膚和美妝集團之一,旗下的品牌包括大家耳熟能詳的蘭芝和IOPE,而在讀過很多心得和與品牌有關的資料後,我決定選擇和集團同名的另一條主線 AMOREPACIFIC。我選的保濕系列是以天然的竹子萃取、紅參和些許的綠茶萃取為主要成分,這是吸引我的最大原因之一。因為皮膚敏感的關係,在購買新的保養品前我都習慣做點功課,減少過敏和泛紅的機率。

aromepacific aromepacific amorepacific As for the products, I went for the Treatment Cleansing Foam and Hydration Delivery System. The cleansing foam is slightly creamy at first touch, however, it sure does cleans you skin perfectly without making it too dry. I personally felt really refreshed after. Coming to the Hydration Delivery System, I'd highly recommend it to those with very dry skin. As this being my last step for the morning, it ends up producing a comfortable thin layer of instant hydration. 


amorepacific I wanted to play with shadows during this shoot. Though it turns out to be kind of tricky, getting the objects and lighting in the right place and all. I hope you love these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Cheers. x