April Favourites

april favourite

Did I mention that my timetable this term is pretty amazing? No class on Mondays and Tuesdays. Not that I hate going to class, but I'm not gonna lie, I've been loving these long weekends. Even though I do have a fortress of deadlines and projects waiting ahead, and my day-offs will probably be filled with hours of photoshoots and editing (yeah, thats how my normal weekend looks like). But hey, four days off every single week. You won't hear me complaining. 

With all these time outside of school, I actually got sometime to experiment on some photo editing stuff. I've been hoping to create a particular consistent colour style/theme for my work a while, and I think I finally found it! As you may discover later, the photos this time are a lot colder, darker and with loads of desaturation. I really love this modern touch. What do you guys think? 

Anyways, a month has passed by (again!), so its time for some April Favourites! I hope you'll enjoy it :) 




april favourites_bomford_lipbalm

1. Bamford Lip Balm

We all have one product we just can't live without. It's that eye cream or face moisturiser that immediately stops your life when you realise you've ran out. It's that product you use everyday, and you can't stop thinking about it till you've bought a new one. Everybody has one, for me it's lip balm. I'm adamant about a good face skincare, especially when it comes to hydrating. I mean, I have zero interest in getting a dry & ripped lip. Know what I'm saying? I'm sure all of you can relate. Okay, so I started trying the Bamford Lip balm early last month, and it is so soothing and protective without making your lip oily. Though this may not be the cheapest lip balm, the cooling effect of peppermint and delicious smell of grapefruit is so comfy and luxury, and you'll know where you're spending. 

小時候不懂得保養,別說是臉部護理,連簡單的唇膏也懶得抹。幾年過去,沒想到潤唇膏敲敲居然成為我每天出門的必需品。市面上的選擇那麼多,要挑也不容易,基本上我就是以不油膩、香味自然不要太重做原則。還有比起口紅般條狀的,我更愛小圓蓋型的,雖然也說不上來原因是為什麼。上個月初嘗試了英國品牌 Bamford 的潤唇膏,單價不算便宜,不過除了質地很令人滿意,就連味道還是我喜歡的葡萄柚香;翻到瓶身背面再看,還包含了薄荷葉和玫瑰等等的天然成分,想了很久還是狠下心買了。一邊付錢一邊安慰自己,反正我每天都會用得上,不算浪費錢的(笑)

april favourite_larrson and jennings

2. Larsson & Jennings Watch

Certainly, you already saw me babbling about this watch for the past month on @ms.tiffanyyang. We all know how I feel about black watches. Black watch calms me, especially the ones with leather strap. After stalking their Instagram for months, I visited the Larrson & Jennings store in Covent garden a few weeks back. The watch is nothing too fancy, silent but packs quite a bunch, for example, like the refined golden touch, it just immediately catches your eye even with such minimal detail. 

這支錶你們應該很熟悉吧,從我買到現在幾乎每天都戴,Instagram 也一直在分享。戴到我身邊的朋友都發現了,而且詢問率超高。果然,還是簡單不繁複的設計最對大家的味。追蹤 Larsson & Jennings 好長一段時間了,他們的網路和商品拍攝質感很好,是我很喜歡的簡約風。放假前與朋友相約到 Covent Garden 吃午餐,店面恰巧也在附近。雖然是倫敦的牌子,但錶本身還是在瑞士製作。因為我手圍比較小,所以入手的是 33mm 小錶面,雖然真的好喜歡他們的經典 40mm 大錶面,可是我戴起真的太怪,很像偷戴別人的(默),只好放棄。照片上這支的型號是 Liten Saxon SV ,喜歡的人可以上官網看看。

april favourite_bumble and bumble

3. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

Adding some volume to my hair has always been a problem for me. I have really straight hair so it tends to pull down any sorts of volume I'd tempt to create with hairsprays. Most of the time I use the ORIBE dry texturing spray, but now with summer right around the corner, I'm starting to get more and more interested in beachy waves. My hair designer introduced me to using sea salt spray, which works kind of like the ocean. This particular from Bumble & Bumble has been giving my hair a natural and textured look that I absolutely love. 

我的頭髮以東方人來說不算太黑,但是屬於很直很直那種,從小出門逛街就已經不下百次被店員問說我有沒有離子燙。就連現在在英國的同學也都會問我說,你頭髮怎麼可以每天都那麼直啊?說真的,我也不知道,也不想要啊,我好羨慕有一點自然捲的人(我知道我知道,自然捲的人也想要像我們這樣的直髮)直髮本身沒有不好,不過有時候很容易看起來扁塌。加上我堅持不燙不染(完全是個麻煩的客人),在台灣的髮型師建議我使用海鹽噴霧。基本上就像海水的功能一樣,早上出門噴一下,就會有很自然的豐盈感。因為先前從台灣帶來的用完了,上個月臨時在網路上找,東比西比就選了這款 Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray,同樣好用。

april favourites_life and thyme 4. Life & Thyme

One of goals for the coming summer is to do more Food photography, or food styling even. I know I might be a late comer, but Life & Thyme has the most amazing food photos, and I love how they use different cuisines as a medium to creating art.I’ve been flicking though their issues non stop recently, can’t wait to use the concept in my photos. 

平常假如時間允許的話,我都花點時間翻閱雜誌和圖書,找尋構圖靈感。Life & Thyme 是我近期很常讀的刊物,以食物為主,不管是文字或是照片本身都非常有質感,色調也是我自己愛的。其實,食物攝影一直是我想要精進的部分,想要帶給大家除了一般常見的俯拍以外更有層次的手法或是感覺,又或是可以的話,更希望有一天能接觸到跟 Food Styling 有關的工作。

april favourite_smythson wallet

5. Smythson Wallet

Unlike my choice for clothing and accessories, when it comes to wallets, I tend to go for something relatively more colourful. I've been eyeing on this lilac & grey wallet from Smythson quite a while, though I don't normally go for something so feminine, I'm so in love with its pastel colours, the perfect colour scheme for Spring & Summer. And it also comes with a lot of pocket, which I reckon is pretty good for travelling too. 

觀望了將近三個月的 Smythson 皮夾,其實一直都很喜歡這個造型,但遲遲沒有等到喜歡的顏色。先前冬天的顏色偏暗,我覺得以皮夾來說會顯得沒精神,加上我平常就已經一身黑了(笑)前陣子因為工作比預計中早結束,剛好又在市區,就特別繞過去店裡看看。就是那天發現了春夏新色,我覺得淺紫和灰色是非常漂亮的組合,另外配上些許的白,整個色系就跟著亮起來(我個人認為假如今天只有兩個顏色,就不會那麼吸引人了)。這款皮夾的夾層也很多,拿來旅行用也十分合適。

april favourite_cover

And I hope you enjoyed this month's favourites. Signing off for now, cheers. x