Covent Garden Grind


You'll know whether to keep it on your list or not after the first visit. And my friends, the Covent Garden Grind, is definitely one to stay. 

Covent Garden Grind

Having heard so many good things about the place, I have wanted to eat at the Grind since they launched their new branch in Covent Garden. So as I finally met a Sunday which I have no schedule at all, I met my friend there for a semi-work brunch. Cafe hopping is one my favourite weekend activities (and surprise surprise, I don't drink Coffee), though I do have a few all-time favourite spots in London, I love discovering new coffeeshops for a change of scenery. Its most likely that after your first visit, you'll know whether to keep it on your list or not. And my friends, Covent Garden Grind, is definitely one to stay. 

週末最喜歡的活動,就是與朋友一同發掘新的咖啡館或餐廳。單純以咖啡館來說,倫敦是個不停推陳出新的城市,搬來將近一年,還是有許多的地方還未有機會一探究竟。每個星期,在大街小巷中找尋新舊不一的咖啡館,有復古的、充滿設計感的、童趣繽紛的,又或者是摩登極簡的,都不要緊。假期結束的前一個禮拜,在網路上發現了 Covent Garden Grind,覺得很有意思,餐點也很吸引人,過了幾天,立刻與朋友相約前往。

Covent Garden GrindCovent Garden GrindCovent Garden GrindLocated in one of favourite areas in the city – Covent Garden. The Grind is one of those more spacious cafés in London, I like the fact that they kept a decent space between tables. And there's also these round beautiful marble table and wooden chairs. The celling window and glass door brought in so much light, specially now that the weather has been getting better (Sunny days in London, can you believe it?).  

The building itself is almost 150 year old, with the beautiful red brick and black window frame, looking from the outside, it adds a sense of retro french presence to the streets. Even though there's no view from the window seat, I reckon seeing those stylish people walking by Covent Garden wouldn't be anymore less interesting. 

倫敦的咖啡廳,在空間上還是以小巧溫馨的居多,不過 Covent Garden Grind 不只空間寬敞,桌間的距離也拿捏得很剛好,不會讓客人面臨與陌生人座位太靠近的窘境。靠牆的沙發區除外,其餘的座位用的都是木質座椅和大理石紋圓桌,整體的空間裝潢是非常簡約舒適的。入口處的落地窗替店內帶進了不少自然光,加上因為季節的關係,原本陰雨的城市,逐漸多了些舒適的好天氣,在 Grind 的週末時光也就跟著溫暖了起來。

咖啡廳座落於 Covent Garden (柯芬園) 的Maiden Lane中,而所在的建築,是本身是已經建造了將近150年的老式紅磚房。除了門口的落地窗,外觀幾乎的維持原樣,紅色磚瓦配上個性的黑色窗框,特別有味道。由於是在巷子內,看出窗外也就沒有什麼遼闊的景色,但望著在倫敦街頭穿梭來往的時髦人士,倒也是另一種樂趣。

Covent Garden Grindcovent garden grindCovent Garden Grind

Being the 7th store of Grind & Co, the Covent Garden Grind is a juice and coffee bar type of place. Of course, they also serve light dishes and breakfasts. I ate one of the best vegetarian sandwiches I have ever had here (tofu and avocado, YUM). I would also recommend the avocado on toast if you're aiming for something more classic and breakfast-ish. Plus, you can customise yours with egg your style and extra salmon. For those with a sweet tooth, go for the egg tart. Crunchy at the outside, creamy at the, so good.

Grind 在整個倫敦有七家分店,每家的主題和風格都不同。位於 Covent Garden 這家是目前最新開幕的分店,除了咖啡,也主打早餐和果汁輕食。早餐的選擇特別豐富,除了吧台的麵包糕點,健康的酪梨鮭魚吐司和清爽的水果優格沙拉都是店裡的人氣餐點,另外也有替素食主義者量身打造的蔬食早餐。還有,櫃上的葡式蛋塔也是 Covent Garden Grind 的經典甜點呢!

covent garden grindcovent garden grindCovent Garden Grind

For the past two weeks, I have been doing work here whenever I'm in the city. I try to arrive a little earlier just to avoid the crowd, and to get a window seat, if things get lucky. Seeing the amount of people during lunch time, its so hard to believe that this place was only launched last month. 

Grind has officially become my go-to breakfast place in Covent Garden. Make sure you don't miss this delight whenever you're in London. Anyways, what else is new...I'm going to Copenhagen in 10 days, finally! I've been wanting to go there ever since I moved to Europe. It took me almost a year to actually book the tickets. So yeah, finally. It feels like I've waited for a lifetime, it better be good.x 


舒適的環境,多元的餐單,加上店員的友善與熱情,Covent Garden Grind 已經悄悄成為心目中柯芬園早午餐的名單首選。不介意的話,帶本書,早點出門;到的時候,選個自己喜歡的座位(推薦窗邊的,每次都很搶手呢!),點份餐點,享受愜意的週末時光吧。


Covent Garden Grind 42 Maiden Ln, London WC2E 7LJ

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