Frequent Flyer・旅遊保養分享

Having my passport as a hard evidence, I would say that I've done more flying in the past few months than I have in my past 20+ years of life. So between now and then, when I start living on a suitcase, all the travelling does do a more or less amount of damage to my skin. And in my opinion, the older you get, the harder it is to get it recovered. So, anyways, in experience, I've come up with a handful of beauty routine that quickly calms my sensitive skin during the endless travels. Also, to keep me looking as far away as the walking dead due to the lack of sleep (at least not as much). Now, let me elaborate accordingly: 



travel skincareI've been using Aesop for around 3 years now. I've been hooked ever since I bought my first product. Even thought they do have quite a variety of products, the ones I've been consistently using for years is the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser and Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner. They both come with chamomile and lavender, which is perfect for calming your redness and boosting hydration for a very dry and sensitive skin like mine. The cleanser in particular, has white clay in it that are less a lot less harsh than gel or even the normal cream cleansers. 

Aesop 這個品牌是以前在澳洲的時候接觸到的,前前後後當忠實顧客也有差不多三年。喜歡他們的原因有兩個,一是簡單清晰的品牌包裝和形象,二是他們產品的天然草本香。所有的系列裡面,一定會回購的臉部保養就是純淨滋潤潔面乳和香芹籽抗氧化活膚調理液。兩個都含有洋甘菊和薰衣草,對於敏感肌膚的調理很有用,同時也能減少泛紅的機率。調理液的保濕性也很夠,對於像我這樣乾性膚質真的很適用。另外,潔面乳本身是無泡的,以白黏土為主要成分,比起一般常見的洗面乳或洗面膠都溫和很多。

travel skincare

To give your skin something to drink at night, comes with a light fruity grape smell while reducing redness – I put a bit on my hands and press the liquid all over my face and neck. The Dauphin Intral Soothing Serum absorbs really quickly and leaves you a really smooth skin in the next morning. I only use them at night, because when it comes to morning skincare routine, I like to go easy with just the toner and cream. 

使用精華液的習慣是這一年多的事,一開始的時候很不習慣,但時間久了發現在晚上的時候為肌膚打底,隔天早上,敏感的膚況會有明顯的感善,出狀況的次數也跟者變少了。冬天的時候我會以滋養油代替精華液,但像現在偏暖的天氣,最常拿出來用的就是 Darphin 的全效舒緩系列。也是以洋甘菊當主要成分,除了鎮定之外,也能增加氣色,早上起來膚色看起來會健康很多。另外,這粉紅色的小瓶身實在太療癒人心了,旅遊攜帶也超方便。

travel skincare

Another beautiful Paris brand, simply because I love this one too. I discovered Sothys back in a spa in Australia, I love their Spa Thermal Water line, it is super moisturising, and it helps protect the skin from all the pollutions brutalising your face. The product itself is a lighter cream, but just hydrating enough. You can also tell by the smell that they didn't put in much fragrance, which I absolutely love. 

同樣來自巴黎的品牌,Sothys 是以前在墨爾本唸書的時候就很喜歡的牌子,當初在家裡附近有他們的護膚中心,每個月一定都會去報到,做深度清潔跟保養。其中,最喜歡的就是他們的溫泉水系列,針對乾燥肌膚,非常保濕。滋潤但不油膩,是我一直回購他們乳霜的原因。另外,從味道上就能發現,這款產品絕對沒有加任何的人工香料,是幾乎無味的,在產品的天然性掛足了保證。最近也剛入手了他們的面膜,是近期的新歡,試用一段時間後,再與你們分享心得。

travel skincareThough I love trying new products from time to time, I have stayed true to this Fresh Rose Eye Gel Cream for so long. Its a gel formula so it is not incredibly oily, and sinks in really fast. There's also a bit of cooling effect, so it helps with the puffiness. I usually use this as my last step of my skin routine, so it leaves a soft rose petal smell on my face (who doesn't want that?). 

我本身很愛嘗試不同的保養品,眼霜目前試過的就有四五個品牌,不過近期使用最滿意的就是 Fresh的玫瑰眼霜(點這裡看其他Fresh的產品分享)。這罐眼霜質地是偏膠狀的,使用起來不油很清爽,另外他還附有些許的鎮定現象,對於有時候眼睛會浮腫的人也很合適。當作保養的最後一道手續,留下淡淡的玫瑰香,真舒服。

travel skincare

And there you have it, my travel skincare essentials! But do bare in mind that we all have different kind of skin, so the products may not suit you as much it suits me. x