HÖST Copenhagen


Now that I'm officially back from Copenhagen for a week, I can't tell you how much I miss the food. Höst, in particular, is the one I missed the most. You might remember seeing me raving about it on Instagram, I was definitely a happy customer. I'm a complete foodie when it comes to travelling, I tend to go crazy googling the best places in town. We were planning to go to Noma, but unfortunately, we couldn't get a table (I think it's already fully booked for the next few months!), so my friend introduced us to Höst as another choice. Even though Höst was a last minute discovery, it was absolutely a perfect treat.

每次即將出發到一個新的城市,我都會習慣在美食這塊做點功課,找間精緻些的餐廳,在最後一天晚上前晚。這次在哥本哈根,本來是預計前往 Noma 的,不過因為實在訂不到位(接下了幾個月似乎都客滿了!),在朋友的推薦下,決定改前往 Höst。雖然是出發前幾天才決定的,卻是個意外的驚喜,你們有印象的話,應該發現我當晚就一直在 Instagram 上推薦了(笑)

hösthöstThe first dish is some smoked cod roe with radish. I love the plating so much, that I almost didn't want to eat it so I won't destroy the scene. The flavour fresh, a great way to get your taste buds ready for the night. The rest of the starter is scallop in kohl-rabi, cress and buttermilk base, with bits of apple on the top. The sweetness and sour bits of apple added a special flavour that is quite different from your usual seafood dish. All in all, the two starters are both very light and tasty, which make you so excited what the chef has to offer next. 

開胃菜由小蘿蔔和煙燻鱈魚子醬開始,好喜歡這道菜的擺盤,美麗到我們都有點捨不得吃。口味很清新,蔬菜味不重,本來擔心煙燻魚子會帶來的少許腥味也沒有出現,淡淡的鹹味,一點負擔都沒有。第二道的主角是生干貝,配上水芹和與苤(俗稱大頭菜)調配而成的醬汁。干貝上的蘋果丁帶出了甜味,是平常吃海鮮料理很少有的獨特風味。Höst 的兩道開胃菜都是很爽口的,清淡不無聊,讓人越來越期待主廚接下來會再推出什麼樣的饗宴。

höst hösthöst

And now, my favourite dish of the night (you should see how fast I finished it haha!) —Norwegian lobster and veal terrine, served with mushroom sauce and asparagus. I've been hearing so many beautiful comments about Norwegian seafood, and now I finally know why. The lobster comes with a nice and tender texture, which goes really well with the crispy crumbled veal terrine. Our last main course was the Beef tenderloin with salted black currant wrapped by beetroot and tarragon on top. The sour taste of the sauce and vegetables help balanced the possible thickness that a meat dish can have. I personally think this is one of the most delicate beef dishes I've had, especially for someone who doesn't eat much red meat, I actually really enjoyed it. 

接下來,輪到我一整晚最喜歡的一道了— 挪威龍蝦佐陶罐派。所謂的陶罐派,其實就是肉凍,只是這裡外皮有稍微炸過。來歐洲前就已經聽說北歐的海鮮很好吃,果然沒錯,龍蝦的肉質和味道都很鮮甜。另外,值得一提的是,這道菜的蘑菇醬很特別,有別一般常見的濃郁感,反而是很清的質地,一口龍蝦一口醬,太好吃了。再來的主菜是,碳烤牛里肌與黑醋栗,外層有甜菜根包住以及些許的龍萵葉。我很喜歡牛肉搭配甜菜根的味道,微微的酸,把牛肉本身可能會有的油膩感的中和了。我覺得這是我目前吃過最細膩的牛排料理,以一個平常不太愛吃紅肉的人來說,這絕對是個令人滿意的驚喜。


I know, I know. This looks like some sort of pasta dish, but this is actually our dessert! It's a blueberry sorbet topped with brown cheese and cicely. The creamy texture made this dessert an ultimate indulgence. Plus, see those tiny white bits in the photos? They are actually pop rocks, which is my favourite childhood snack of all time. A remarkable way to end the night, if I may add. 

Also, if you're into restaurants with amazing decor, Höst was actually named as the 'World's Best Designed Restaurant' in 2013. And I can definitely tell why. Apologies for not being able to show you how the restaurants look in the photos, its one of those places you just wanna sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. Plus, people were already staring when I started shooting the food, imagine if I  start walking around for the best interior photos (ah, we bloggers and our self-consciousness, I'm sure you can relate..). Signing off for now, wishing you all an amazing weekend ahead!x




Höst  +45 89 93 84 09 Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364 København K, Denmark