Dress Your Tech: Pegacasa Mix & Match


 I want to be that 23 years old freelancer, who treats her possessions with obsessive care.


We need not reiterate the success of smartphones. For a kid who was banned using phones in the house, I've become a human being with the biggest obsession with iPhone and the accessories designed for it. I credit this to the insanely creative ideas when it comes to dressing your tech. 

Phone cases have always been my favourite accessories to shop for. Okay, perhaps that's a bit dramatic. But you see, find a new case tends to appear on my shopping list all too often. I'm a total addict. I want to be that 23 years old freelancer, who treats her possessions with obsessive care, and carries a nice phone case because it represents not only the phone but her taste and personality. 


每隔一段時間,只要看到質感好的手機殼,就會忍不住下手,有時候誇張點,一買單之後還會立刻換上。或許是我想太多,但我一直覺得一個手機殼代表了一個人的品味和風格。注意 Pegacasa 好一段時間了,回台灣後沒多久就立刻到 Artifacts 看實品,覺得不管是摸起來的質感和或是本身的細節都很加分,跟照片上一樣讓人滿意。


Pegacasa, an alternative branch by the longtime technology master – AsusTek. Collaborating with Eslite Bookstore, the two brands created a series of low-key yet luxury phone cases. Clean lines, fuss-free companions to any permutation of personal style. The design may seem simple but it actually packs a bunch. The two colour blocks are separatable, giving you the chance to mix & match with all the other Pegacasa iPhone cases you own. Clearly, I'm a fan of this new appeal. 

Pegacasa 是華碩旗下的品牌,這次與誠品合作,推出了一系列以彩妝拼盤和香水瓶為出發點的手機殼。簡單大方的線條,以及貼心易拆裝的滑蓋設計,乍看之下或許不搶眼,但低調精緻的路線,怎麼看怎麼用也都不會膩。特別的是,Pegacasa 的殼是分成上下兩個部分的,讓我們可以隨著心情或是穿搭來變換顏色,完全適合女生善變的心(笑)


Now, I had not known of Pegacasa until a few months back, during a routine a stalking their Instagram feed and hashtags (you know, a weekday morning thing), I came across my favourite combination...surprise surprise, black + white. I'm still looking to get another case from them, so I can start my mix and matching two more styles. I feel like it's been forever, but I'm getting to a decision soon, I promise. Other than that, I'm soooo happy with this new phone case. 

前前後後在 Instagram 上注意 Pegacasa 也有兩三個月了,顏色是我一直遲遲無法決定的原因。觀望了一會兒,最後還是選擇了經典的黑白兩色,想說往後若是入手別的組合也比較好搭配。除了選色,材質上也有些許不同,根據個人的喜好,手機殼儼然成了每個人手中獨一無二的時尚配件。前面提到上下分開的滑蓋細節,更是另一個大加分的原因,終於可以很從容的拆裝手機殼換sim卡了。整體來說,Pegacasa 的各方面都是我的心頭好吶!


Finally, a new blog post. How is it already July? Did someone secretly fast forward button and forgot to tell me? Last month has been one of the hardest for me. Somehow I've been lacking motivation, or inspiration even. For the first time ever, writer's block hit me. Or perhaps I'm just too happy to be back home that I've been enjoying too much. 

Anyways, I'm back in progress. Cheers.x