Summer 101: Charme D・Orient


There’s nothing worse than realising you’re already sweating right after you stepped out the house. 


With a double hit of rain and typhoon, the heat is back. I thought it would be a good time, if it's ever a good time, to share my secret weapon when it comes to warm weather. It's been officially five weeks since I arrived home. And I realised this is probably my first summer in Asia in years. Man, it is definitely a lot warmer than I remembered.

Summer is one of my favourites seasons. Summer means beach, cold drinks, ice cream and of course, sweat. There's nothing worse than realising you're already sweating like crazy right after you stepped out the house. I've never been a big fan of deodorant. Mainly because I feel like sweating is something we all need, plus, covering up our pores sure don't sound practical. Well, not until I discovered Charme D'Orient.




Natural Crystal Deodorant is made from pure potassium alum and natural mineral salt. This has been a formula used for hundred of years, especially in the Far East. It works as a deodorant by leaving a brief layer of mineral salt on your skin, it's fragrance-free, and it helps inhibit the growth bacteria. Leaving your skin feeling fresh, and most importantly, it doesn't block your pores. I've been using the Natural Crystal Deodorants from Charme D'Orient for a month now. They work best on damp skin, so I usually use it after bath & shower.

這幾年,我們不只在飲食上追求天然有機,對於生活中所使用的清潔和保養用品成分也越來越注重,這是種全面性的觀念。明礬石水晶石 Natural Crystal Deodorant,是有純鉀礦物鹽製成的水晶,許多遠東國家,早在幾百年前就將其當做天然的體香與除臭劑使用。原理是在皮膚上留下薄薄一層礦物鹽,抑制異味與細菌生長,男女皆宜,無色無味,也不會阻塞毛孔。使用的方法很簡單,沐浴完在微濕皮膚上輕輕來回摩擦,幾個星期下來,已經變成夏天寵愛自己的一種儀式。在高中第一次接觸保養後,對於保養的熱衷之情從未減退,除了肌膚的滋潤,氣味也是很重要的一環。



Charme D'Orient is a 15 years-old French brand. Merging the western skincare knowledge with tradition eastern culture, the brand has become one of the most popular spa choices for hotels and resorts. The reason I recommend their Crystal Deodorant is not simply because of it's effect, but also due to the fact that they don't come with any sorts of animal testing.

Other than crystal deodorant, Charme D'Orient also released a Deodorant Spray. Improving the potassium alum with aloe, which gives the product a better purifying and moisturising effect. The spray itself is colour free, so we don't have to worry about leaving any marks on our skin. Though I love using my Crystal Deodorant at home, I tend to bring the spray with me when I'm on-the-go.

Charme D’Orient 是來自法國的護膚品牌,15年的品牌歷史,結合傳統文化與現代的技術,對於成分的管控十分嚴格,在歐洲,是許多敏感皮膚患者的愛用品牌,同時也是許多酒店旅館Spa療程的嚴選商品。明礬石在歐美國家之所以盛行,不單單只是因為其令人滿意的效果,也因為在製造過程中對於環保意識的注重,堅持不做任何動物性測試。



You all know I love my natural beauty products, I may not be an expert, but I absolutely enjoy the part where I know what I put on to take care of my skin. With Charme D'Orient in my cabinet, I'm all set and ready for the humid Asia summer.x


 *Disclaimer: We were invited test the products by Jeela Boutique, however, all the opinions here are 100% mine. I would not have accepted this project if I did not think it is something interesting to share.