Natural Beauty with Elemental Herbology


elemental herbology

This morning, while shooting an upcoming project, I got to think about the two things I shoot the most – Skincare & Food. It's not as silly as it sounds. And it is not nearly as easy at it looks (I'm sure all you blogger/photographer can relate). In that sense, the makings of any visual series are wholly in your understandings of the brand. I'm a skincare junkie, so I love working any sorts of creative work around them. I splurged so much on skincare products, but only stuck with one make-up routine. And after years of testing and trying, I still stand by natural products. Products like Elemental Herbology. So today, I'd like to share with you a few products from my latest discovery. I hope you'll enjoy it. 

有時候在進行拍攝工作的時候,發現一年多下來,自己最常接觸保養和美食這兩個類別。不管是產品還是食物,做起來都沒有想像中簡單。其實,所有的拍攝工作,都必須先從瞭解一個品牌的形象開始。我一直都對保養品很有興趣,每隔一段時間也會隨著膚況和天氣做更換。試來試去,其實還是天然的護膚成分最讓人放心,就如同來自英國的 Elemental Herbology 一樣,能夠放心的愛用 (笑)一起來看看吧。

elemental herbology

Cool & Clear: Facial Cleanser

This foaming facial cleanser is a life saver. I love this product because it has a hint of green tea for anti-bacterial effects, and lavender oil is for calmness. The smell is absolutely amazing since it comes with apple extract, which by the way, also hydrates your skin. Because of summer, my skin has been slightly oilier than before, and this cleanser really soothes my T-zone and leaving it clean and fresh.


elemental herbology

Harmonising Cleanse: Facial Cleanser Oil

At the end of the day, I rely on oils to remove my makeup. I swear by face oils, because only oil-based products can thoroughly yet gently cleanse all your makeup. Infused with plants oil (raspberry seed, camellia, and avocado), this product is also really great at balancing your skin. And don't worry! It doesn't clog your pores.


elemental herbology

Bio-Cellular Matrix: Facial Serum 

I didn't start using anti-aging products until earlier this year. Mainly because I feel like taking care of your skin shouldn't be something you do after a particular age mark, it's more of maintenance. Anyways, serums are now my new favourites, because they have all the benefits packed in a few drop. This Bio-Cellular Matrix Facial Serum is a recent crush. It contains green tea and guarana that help improve skin texture. And also rose oil is an amazing ingredient for hydration. I use this once every two nights, waking up with the best skin tone I've ever had. 


elemental herbology

elemental herbology

Elemental Herbology is a British brand founded by Kristy Cimesa. Their spirit is to pursue good health, nutrition, and wellness, helping customers discover their natural beauty. I personally love the fact that they work around the Five Element Theory (earth, water, metal, fire, and wood) from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Which means, taking care of our skin is not only based on our skin type, but also the environmental factors, lifestyle and season. Read more about it here. :)

As I mentioned before, I know far more about skincare than I do about putting makeup on my face – I'll admit, I can barely get my blush right. On a larger scale, perhaps I'm just more into sustainable beauty. So when 10/10 hope introduced me to Elemental Herbology, you can imagine how happy I am. Cheers. x

Elemental Herbology 是來自英國的芳療品牌,由擁有草藥學背景的 Kristy Cimesa 創立。將保養結合生活,讓客人能輕鬆擁有自然的美麗。特別的是,跳脫西方護膚的框架,他們也對中醫的五行理念(金、木、水、火、土)做了研究,將肌膚美學融入周遭;也就是說,選擇保養品的系列,不單單只取決於個人膚質,跟生活習慣、氣候甚至會所屬的環境都有著許多關聯。想瞭解更多,歡迎閱讀品牌官網上的文章

真心覺得,比起高超的化妝技巧,保養肌膚是提升自信最直接的方式。打好底,出門上點淡妝即可,是種自在的美。所以當透過 10/10 Hope 而認識  Elemental Herbology 時,自己再做了點功課,心裡更加踏實滿足,又是個天然的好品牌呀。

shot on Nikon DF with 50mm lens./ in collaboration with 10/10 hope