Place M, My Baking Affair.


Some of you may know I have wanted to learn some baking/cooking skills for so long. Well, finally, I did it. Now, one class is only the beginning, but we all got to start somewhere. During my holiday in Taiwan, I teamed up with Place M and the girls from Nom Nom Daily to share this special experience. 

以前在澳洲讀書,很幸運身邊有許多會下廚的朋友,我時常得了便宜,只要預備碗筷或是購買現成的甜點就好。這次,隻身搬來倫敦,一切從零開始,自己在廚房的時間也多了些。趁著這次回台灣,和 Nom Nom Daily 的兩位女孩一同報名了 Place M 的烹飪課,與你們分享。

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Place M is one of the rare spaces that successfully combined fashion and European baking. Part of the studio is a nice & beautiful open kitchen, and the other is an office for their clothing retail business – Moi Style de Vie. I'm so in love with the interior, the atmosphere is amazing, not to mention the decor comes with loads of white and marble, which I personally really adore. 

This was probably my favourite baking class! It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a beginner like me. I was quite nervous at first since I don't have any culinary background, but it turns out it's barely a problem. The class is so stress-free with the chef packing a bunch of tips and skills through the process. As the class is in quite a small size, each of us gets full attention. So don't worry about burning your cake, it won't happen! 

Place M 位於熱鬧的台北東區,是個結合時尚和歐式甜點的地方。開放式的廚房,隔著一玻璃門,是網路服裝品牌 Moi Style de Vie 的辦公與陳列空間。大量的採光與令人著迷的大理石紋路,睜著眼東望西瞧,默默在心裡下了筆記,往後有了能力,也要替自己添個這樣的工作室。

這幾年,上了不少堂烹飪課,對於 Place M 卻特別記憶深刻。在這裡,沒有基礎也不打緊,主廚 Kiki 化繁為簡,在解說步驟同時,也會以聊天的方式適時提點往後自己在家選購食材要注意的事項。氣氛是輕鬆的,課程的節奏剛剛好不快不慢,兩個多小時下來,還有些意猶未盡。啊,一堂課就這麼結束了吶。看著眼前烤好的蛋糕,成就感跟著暖上心頭。

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The chef Kiki Tsai, has been baking for the past 8 years. Instead of fancy desserts, her recipes are all extremely home-friendly. It is the kind of stuff you can imagine yourself cooking for your family. In that sense, I would say my favourite thing about Place M is that they've made their baking classes into something therapeutic. 

主廚 Kiki 在烹飪上有著八年的經驗,手上的食譜質樸美味,沒有太複雜的技巧,學生回家後想自行烘培也不會有問題。她說,家常美食是串連情感的基點,利用味覺拉近人與人間的距離。透過在餐桌享用的時光,將關心傳遞出去。在 Place M 學習,是種放鬆,是種療癒。短暫的幾個鐘頭,心無旁騖,攪拌過篩,調好計時器等著蛋糕出爐。我想,我找到另一個排解壓力的方法了。

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The whole process was beyond amazing. And though a creamy chocolate cake might seem heavy, the chef has adjusted the use of sugar. In fact, the cake itself is made of egg white, which means it is basically a healthier yet indulging version. Pure enjoyment. 

這次學的是巧克力奶油蛋糕。名字聽起來有些甜膩,其實不然;主廚 Kiki 將糖的用量大幅減少,蛋糕體本身也是避開澱粉用蛋白打發做成,達到照顧健康的目的。回到家,切開蛋糕拍了照,等不及大口嚐嚐自己的作品。心滿意足,烹飪果然是種享受。

shot on Nikon DF with 24-70mm lens.// in collaboration with Place M & Nom Nom Daily