The Benefits of Coconut Oil: Sister & Co.


Given the number of times any coconut oil-related products saved my life, it sure does hold a special place in my heart. And today, I'm sharing a little secret I learned during my obsession with this particular oil. With my love for tea grows each day, I often find it hard for my tooth to stay as white as before. Over the past three weeks of living out of a few Sister & Co. jars, and it is safe to say that coconut oil is the ultimate solution. Once again. I thought I'd elaborate a tiny bit more: 

一次與編輯的會面,開啟了我對椰子油的不同認知、研究精神與品牌開發。來自英國的 Sister & Co. 是誠實天然的椰子油品牌,獨特無負擔的護膚方式,深深受到英國人的喜愛。約兩年前,在冬天時就會選擇天然的椰子油來為肌膚保濕,特別是腳跟與腿部,碰到歐洲的乾冷總是特別容易龜裂。上網搜尋,仔細研讀,發現椰油除了基本的肌膚保養,也非常適合拿來維持口腔的健康。這次透過 Sister & Co. ,發現好的油還可以拿來當作最天然的牙齒美白劑呢!今天就來和大家一塊分享吧: sister and co sister & co

Raw Coconut and Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish

Ever heard of polish for your teeth? At least I haven't. Apparently, all you have to do is dip in your dry toothbrush and circulate the surface of your teeth. It's very similar to any sorts of exfoliating process, but just so much gentler. As Sister & Co. being a 100% natural brand, this Raw Coconut oil and Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish is perfect for sensitive teeth as well. The charcoal can attach impurities and stains, and then safely lift them off. Also, coconut oil is known for delivering loads of vitamin C, which is perfect for strengthing the gum. What a major plus! 

每天晚上刷牙前,我都會先使用這瓶含有椰子油與活性碳的純椰亮齒霜。將乾燥的牙刷浸泡在這小黑瓶中一到兩秒,接著在牙齒表面以繞圈的方式輕刷兩分鐘。以前一直不敢使用牙齒美白類的產品,因為我本身有敏感性牙齒,不過由於 Sister & Co. 都是百分之百純天然,所以並不造成引響。活性碳的原理很簡單,利用其多孔的表面,吸附牙菌斑和污漬,讓牙齒恢復原有的顏色。另外,椰子油還能強化牙齦,除了外觀,更是照顧到了我們的健康。 sister and co sister & co

Raw Coconut Mouth Rinse for Oil Pulling with Spearmint

I'm no stranger when it comes to Oil Pulling. During my third year through University, my friend introduced me to this method, and I fell absolutely in love. However, not every coconut oil is that great for Oil Pulling. Some are too oily that makes you feel sick; the others just don't seem to do the job right. Not until I learned about Sister & Co. I've been struggling to keep this habit going whenever I travel. I love how they infused spearmint into the product so the scent is very like your typical mouth rinse (perfect for those who prefer something with less coconut flavour but still wanna give it a go!). Oil pulling not only helps with teeth whitening but also the gum and sensitive teeth. I gargle them every morning (for 10-15 mins) before I drink or eat anything. 

我一直都是油漱法 Oil Pulling 的愛好者,大學時期在朋友的推薦下一試成主顧。不過,因為很害怕椰子油在行李箱溢出,所以放假回來的時候也都不會攜帶,可是在台灣又很難找到我個人喜歡或適合的油,一直到最近接觸 Sister & Co. 才再度拾起我的個人小習慣。Oil Pulling 其實是從印度源起的一種民間療法,除了維持口腔清新也可以美白,還能同時改善牙齦浮腫的現象。Sister & Co. 的在油中加入的薄荷,讓比較害怕椰子味的人也能安心使用。使用的方法和漱口水很類似,每天早晨空腹時一小匙,漱個十至十五分,來達到效果。

sister and co

Although there is an abundance of products on the market related to coconut oil (just do a google search, and you'll find about a dozen articles on this trend), my favourites are from the beautiful authentic brand -- Sister & Co.  If you're into it, you can find all sorts of line in their online shop. But before we jump into shopping, let me wrap up with a little story of the brand. Sophie, the founder, was traveling through India back then. Before any of this started, she had loads of skin breakouts, and nothing she did help. Not until the local Indian lady introduced her to coconut oil. Coming back to London, she was unable to find anything with the same purity and gave her the motivation to create her own brand. Sister & Co, now produces everything from a small farm in Sri Lanka, with the finest quality, it gives our skincare routine the perfect upgrade. 

因為工作的關係,有幸可以嘗試體驗許多的護膚品牌,不過比起療效,我對於品牌背後的故事更感興趣。時常在手邊的資料中失了神,沈浸在創辦人的經歷。Sister & Co. 的創辦人 Sophie 在一次印度的旅行中,皮膚由於不適應當地氣候,開始過敏長痘痘與小疹子,當時攜帶的所有保養品都無法壓制症狀。一直到當地的人向她推薦椰子油,才解除了這項危機。回到倫敦後,因為一直找不到相同純度的椰子油,才決心創立自己的品牌。Sister & Co. 的油全部來自於斯里蘭卡的一個有機農場,堅持使用最好的初榨椰子油,並且不添加任的水分或化學原料,因為在每個細節上的堅持,讓品牌能自信地向所有人宣布,他們的產品是百分之百天然美容聖品。

shot on Nikon DF with 85mm lens.// in collaboration with Jeela's Boutique