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home makeover

For the past six years, I've been living away from my family. Yeah, time flies, I've left Taiwan for so long. From the tiny yet busy Taipei, the beautiful and relaxing Melbourne, now all the way to the hustling London. For now, I'm patting myself on the back and happy to see how far I've come to finally made it to Europe.


home makeoverhome makeover

What sold me on my flat was the big window that brought in the sunlight and the separate kitchen. The place itself isn't that big, but I love the fact I no longer had to live a studio life. It was all I ever wanted. Until I had to decorate it...for a year. 

Decorating a one bedroom flat in a foreign country is hard. There is only so much furniture you can find in your price range. Plus, I can't remember how many time I've walked in West Elm or any other furniture shops. All I could think about is how nice it would be if I can get just find the perfect piece, and get the decoration over with.

剛開始未成年,學校規定必須待在宿舍,體會了所謂的室友生活,那一年裡,我發現了自己的生活型態 -- 原來,我是個適合自已住的人。平時在外頭喜歡人群,回到家關起大門,反而異常安靜,個人空間對我來說很重要。若是問我,喜不喜歡現在的生活?答案絕對是喜歡,但說享受其實更貼切。 我認爲,就是這些與自己相處的時間,讓我更加確信,未來我想要成為怎麼樣的人,又或是往哪個方向邁進。


home makeoverhome makeoverhome makeover

This flat is like my first born. I labored over every detail of this baby -- from the colour scheme, the right dining chairs, the wall arts to the cushion. And I'm fairly happy with the result. I am still working on a few small details, but I know it is going to be a never ending process. A year ago, I did a short post, and now 12 months pass by, the official reveal is finally ready (sort of!). I shot a few photos as a little home preview. More is coming, I promise. Till next time x

於是,我收起原先偏急的個性,學會等。與其異想天開想一次把家裡佈置好,不如慢慢找慢慢看。是啊,過了一年,終於,一切就緒正式完工。從大型的餐桌椅,一路到牆上的畫與沙發上的抱枕,我都靜靜的等,為的就是要找到價錢外觀實用皆宜的,來陪伴我的倫敦生涯。離上次的佈置文已經過了一年,不管是風格還是完整度都很不同。心情調整好(依然還是覺得 Home Tour 這種事很害羞),一系列的室內佈置裝潢文章都在籌備中。 在正式上線之前,先看看這個小小的 home preview.

home makeoverhome makeovershot on Nikon DF with 50mm lens.