my Love for Coconut Oils

With every new season, comes a new problem for your skin. Especially in winter, the most important thing is to prevent your it from becoming dry and dull. All that said, for me, whenever the temperature starts to drop, my ultimate solution is coconut oil. Some of you might remember me talking about talking about Sister & Co a few months back, and today I'm back with a few of my recent favorites. 

兩年前接觸了人生第一瓶椰油,透過摸索,發現其中的奧妙後變成為最忠實的顧客。閱讀過先前保養類文章的讀者們便知道,對於產品我都盡量以天然有機為取向。一,是因為從小就有容易過敏的敏感膚質,二來,是我由衷認為,許多時候,大自然早已為我們的各種問題想好了解決方法,等著我們採納。在編輯手中接過 Sister & Co. 的時候就覺得這個品牌很有意思,率真不造作的包裝,立刻引起我的興趣。


Sister & Co Cold Press Raw 100% Organic Oil 

When I first started using Coconut oil two years ago, it was one of my favourite moisturisers. I find it extremely useful, especially when your elbows, heels, and cuticles feel a little dry. But to me, it was never just about taking care of your body. Spending a good 15 minutes pampering yourself was the best way to ease my nerve. 


Coconut oil can gently remove any sorts of makeup, from the easiest foundation to the most lasting waterproof mascara. And at the same time gives your delicate face a proper moist. What I love most Sister & Co's product is that they are not only extremely pure but 100% natural. Most of all, they do not clog your pores. Use your finger or a cotton pad and massage your face in a circle motion. 

這次,更是學習到新的資訊:好的椰油,還能拿來當臉部的清潔產品呢!網路上的資訊多,但光是用法,就閱讀到了好幾種。看了好多篇,卻遲遲不敢嘗試,一直到接觸了 Sister & Co. 的初榨椰油,詳細閱讀過品牌的建議使用方法,以及試過其他產品,才開始大膽將椰油抹上臉頰。Sister & Co. 的椰油醇度很高,質感細緻不油膩。我喜歡將椰油倒上清洗過的雙手,輕輕相互搓揉,從鼻翼、臉頰往下巴最後是額頭,卸妝之餘更有心靈放鬆的療效。好的油不會阻塞毛孔,還能抗氧化,達到一舉兩得最好的效果。


The Raw Coconut Sugar Scrub

The sugar scrub is my favourite Sister & Co product. And it comes with three different kinds: Coffee, Activated Charcoal, and Matcha Green Tea. Even though I don't drink coffee, I don't mind using it as part of my skincare routine. Especially now I've known all about its stimulating benefits. As it turns out, coffee has anti-inflammatory that helps with blood flow and tightens your skin. Coconut sugar delivers minerals while sloughing away dead cells. Plus, all these ingredients are very gentle and natural, so it can also be used as a healing face mask. 

在所有的 Sister & Co. 產品中,他們的純椰磨砂粉是我的最愛。共有三種 – 咖啡活性碳抹茶,各有不同的功效。高濃度的咖啡因有幫助新陳代謝的作用,之前就有在當造型師的朋友推薦用咖啡渣當天然的眼霜使用。椰糖去角質,除了能夠替身體肌膚進行代謝,還可以補充礦物質。另外,因為未經加工的椰糖其實十分溫和,所以臉部也能使用,我個人的習慣是每週約兩次,在微濕的肌膚以少量磨砂粉按摩臉部,停留約十至十五分,再用溫水清洗。


Other than the Coffee Sugar Scrub, I would also recommend the Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub. With peppermint and Australian lemon myrtle plant, the scent of this product this product can really lift your spirit. 


in collaboration with Jeela's Boutique.// shot on Nikon DF with 50mm lens.