Give Me Reservations at the Outside

smile coffee by Tiffany Yang
smile coffee by Tiffany Yang

A few years ago, I used to hate the idea of takeaway food and outside dining. What can I say, I love a good cutlery set, shining water glasses, and of course, air conditioning. The ultimate change happened during my days in London, where the sun was too rare to pass. But let us be honest, take away food are just not as glamorous as we'd like it to be. Well, that is when you haven't heard about the new takeaway line from Smile Cøffee. To those in Taichung, Smile Cøffee is the pride in being, not just a good cafe, but one with incredibly stylish takeaways culture. 



If your office is around the area, the takeaway boxes from Smile Cøffee can become a guilty pleasure. Rush hour lunch doesn't seem that unbearable anymore, I guess. From their takeout window, you will find something as comforting as a full brunch & burgers, or tasty bites like the Danish meet balls (locally known as the Frikadeller). 

Of course, you don't necessarily have to leave after receiving the orders. With a nice windy day, enjoying your food at the outside seating area just seems perfect. At least that's what we did.




While the food is great, what impressed me was the amount of effort they put in designing the perfect boxes. The designing team has seemly found the perfect balance between practicality and appearance. Simple, clean, and lovely -- like it's food.



My personal favourite on the menu: smoked salmon open sandwich with onion rings. The salmon itself was moist and flavoursome, with a delicate touch of sourness from the lemon. And the onion rings so crisply they would pass even the highest standards. Who knew take out can be so yummy? Also on the menu are waffles, yoghurts pots, and fish & chips. 



The day upon our arrival, there was perhaps the heaviest rain I'd ever seen in Taichung. I was so worried about the shoot. Fortunately, the rain stopped in an hour and the food literally made my day. Everything was so fresh. I instantly felt better. If you're over this side of Taiwan (or even if you're not), this little takeaway window is well worth the effort of seeking it out. 

By the way, they had updated the menu during December. And there is also a new Danish Beer Bar running (Smile Ølbar) at the moment, sounds like a great place to hang out after work! 




in collaboration with Smile Cøffee.// shot on Nikon DF with 24-70mm lens.