5 Favourites// January

Finally. We’re back in business.

So 2016, where should I start? Survived my first year in London. Helped my baby sister move to New York, visited Los Angeles in the meantime. Finished decorating my apartment. Started freelancing as a photographer. Learned from a few mistakes. Made new friends, visited old ones. Flew to Dubai with my best friend from Australia. Went to the gym, left, back again. Rewatched Sex & the City (I still think Miranda and Steve is the cutest thing ever). Seriously, I wouldn’t have this year any other way.

I feel like I’ve been avoiding monthly favourites for so long. It’s the kind of thing you always have on your planner, yet it keeps get pushed further. We’re only around 30 days into 2017, and so far things are looking good. So instead of starting something entirely new, I think its best for us to pick up some good old habits.

1st New Years Resolution — keep Monthly Favourites going, and here we go.


回頭看,2016 的確精彩。在倫敦上了一年,陪楊小妹搬去紐約,還順道走訪了洛杉磯。完成佈置公寓,也正式開始自己的攝影工作。交了新朋友,也趁難得的假期與許多老朋友相聚,跟著發現了台灣許多好地方。最開心的莫過於和澳洲的朋友一同走訪了杜拜,親身眼瞧見了無邊際的沙漠。去年是我旅遊次數最多的一年,有工作也有放鬆;當然也不是一路順遂,不過能從瓶頸與低潮重新站穩雙腳,自信自然也跟著提升。

選物月刊這個系列荒廢了好久(笑)每次都在行事曆上計畫好內容與拍攝行程,卻還是一一向後延,看來時間管理會是今年最重要的課題。2017 年雖然才過了將近三十天,就已經讓人好滿意。新的一年,與其立刻許下目標,不如先從過去沒能持續的的開始改進。




Over the years, Stella McCartney has always been my favourite designer, because of both her designs and values. Despite the fact being vegetal leather, all the quality of her shoes and handbag lasts very well. And the price is more affordable than many other high-end brands. For this month's favourite, I wanted to mention this Box Mini bag I got from Liberty (my favourite department store in London btw). First, though it looks tiny, it fits in quite a lot of stuff, even my camera! Not to mention black is my favourite colour. And the silver chains make everything cool and edgier. This bag is perfect as a weekend go-to, I just love it so much.

每當被問到喜歡的設計師時,Stella McCartney 絕對是頭一兩個提到的。暫且不提設計,但她從不使用動物皮革和皮草的精神令人佩服。如同她每一季的作品般,率性不造作,並勇於做自己。重要的是,即便不是真皮,質感卻不輸其他品牌,甚至是更好。這也是為何這麼多年來,衣服配件來來去去,他們家的東西卻從未捨棄。這次要分享的 Box Mini Bag 是新的款式,迷你的方形結構,不只外型討喜,大小對於我們亞洲人來說也比大的更合適。別看它好像很小,其實他很能裝;皮夾、鑰匙、化妝包不說,連隨身的相機也放得下。況且,黑色銀鍊是個百搭的組合,實在令人滿意。



I have read so much about Niza Huang as soon as I arrived London. I love jewellery, but it takes me forever to decide on a piece (or brand in this matter), especially online. I've had some bad experiences with rather pricey rings and bracelet, so everytime when I do jewellery shopping online I tend to hesitate. However, Niza Huang is the pride in having great designs and quality. I love her raw and sophisticated style. I got them via an online jewellery boutique called #accro, and was extremely satisfied with my first piece that I went and order two other different ones. Definitely worth the money, in my opinion, they are the best!

早在剛到倫敦的時候就開始注意 Niza Huang 的作品。喜歡她獨特不規則的線條,喜歡她前衛帶點粗獷的手工風格,更喜歡她來自台灣。但因為單價偏高,在官網前來來回回了好幾次,始終無法下手;一直到發現信任好一段時間的複合式珠寶品牌 #accro 有引進才放寬心選購。收到第一只戒指覺得實品比照片更美、更脫俗,連著佩戴了兩個星期,決定再度下訂兩個不同款式,當作年末犒賞自己的禮物。還記得當天,是在出門前收到包裹,實在等不及就帶著出門,準備到咖啡館和朋友一起拆封。前衛的風格,散發出不一樣的氣質,再度著迷。 



You guys might remember me raving about this brand a few months ago. Grown Alchemist has become one of my go-to natural beauty brands ever since. This Sweet Almond & Sage hand cream is an absolute favourite. I swear I haven't taken it out my handbag for the past month. My hands feel incredible, softer, and deeply hydrated

護手霜一直都是包包裡的必備物品,在乾冷的歐洲冬季更是如此。近期的心頭好是前幾個月分享過的澳洲品牌 Grown Alchemist。甜杏仁與鼠尾草的香味宜人,聞久了也不會膩,滋潤度也非常夠。從倫敦帶著回台灣,再從台灣回來,這一個多月來從來沒離開過身邊,不藏私真心推薦。



I like to focus on fresh & natural look when it comes to makeup, and nude lipsticks are my all time favourites. I am always looking for the perfect nude shade. Recently I've been crushing on the Lancôme Nuit & Jour and Clinique Beige Pop. Not only these two colours look great, but they are also very moisturising. I highly recommend them if you're looking to get yourself some new lipsticks.

美妝產品中我擁有最多的就是唇膏與唇蜜。不過,收納唇膏的玻璃盒子中,一望眼都是同一色系,沒有正紅、沒有酒紅,都是淡淡的裸粉色,這是我從接觸化妝開始就一路鍾愛的風格。去年年底在東京購入了蘭蔻的新色Nuit & Jour,而倩碧的柔霧唇膏則是兩個多星期前在倫敦的新發現。兩個都是保濕型的唇彩,清透的質地更是令人喜愛。


If you're anything like me, you probably love finding new iPhone cases. Besides the obvious reason of protecting your phone, it somehow really represents your personal style. At least that's what I'd like to think. Anyways, I got this Sonix iPhone Case during Christmas sale, and I'm absolutely in love with how cute it looks, plus it's perfect for Instagram pictures.

其實我對於手機殼,是個很容易喜新厭舊的人(笑)每隔一陣子,就會開始到處尋替手機找新衣服。最近的心頭好Sonix 眨眼手機殼 是在十二月的打折季發現的 。逗趣的外表,第一眼就深得我心,而且雖然是全包的款式,手感卻很好,並不會顯得手機笨重呢!


Lastly, welcome to the new site! As you can see, I decided to change a few things, make everything easier to access. Change is good! This clean and minimal look really suits my current situation in life, I'm feeling pretty determined. All that said, for this year, I had only set one goal for myself (a big one though) --  focus on my role as a freelance photographer. This year is all about building up my portfolio. I'm so excited and I can't wait to bring you along! Stay tuned. x

最後,相信你們看到這篇的時候就已經發現網站長得不一樣了。是的,趁著聖誕假期,我做了些改變,把一切簡單化,旅遊的文章是依照地點分配,食記也自己歸出一個系列,讓大家在找尋文章的時候更方便。這極簡的風格正好符合我此刻的心境;今年,我只給自己設定一個目標 -- 就是全心全意擴增自己的攝影作品集,希望在攝影方面能夠在精進些。期待與你們分享! x

shot on Nikon DF with 50mm lens.