Detoxing with Radiance Cleanse

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As you may all know from my Instagram, I did my second juice cleanse a few weeks back. It was honestly harder than I remembered, probably because I've been eating out and snacking pretty often for the past few months. I dine out around 3-4 times a week, and though it may not sounds like a lot, but after some time, it is a lot more than your body can handle. And plus, it influenced my energy level. So I decide to try juice cleanse again.

I ordered a cleanse from Radiance -- a juice bar founded by two best friends (Christina Agnew and Clare Neill) in 2009. I chose the 'Build Your Own' set because I'm allergic to certain ingredients and fruits. They also offer Classic Cleanse & Curated Cleanse. The former comes with different intensity, and the later is for those with fitness focuses.


大約兩年前,嘗試了人生第一次的冷壓果汁排毒。當時排毒後的感覺很好,也從此維持著平日喝冷壓果汁的習慣。如果有看到 Instagram 上的照片的話,就知道幾週前我又進行了第二次的果汁排毒。從去年底開始,在外面用餐的次數比以前多了,也時常有吃零嘴的習慣。多鹽多糖的情況除了會造成身體的負擔,對精神甚至是皮膚都不太好。所以,在手邊的工作和課業告一段落後,決定在比較空閒的一個禮拜再來一次排毒。

這次嘗試 Radiance 的五日排毒。品牌來自英國,2009年由兩位好朋友一以成立。由於過敏的關係,這次是選擇的是可以自己搭配果汁的 Build Your Own 方案。他們同時也有以程度區分的經典排毒以及專為有運動習慣的人特殊排毒;每個人都可以根據自己的喜好與生活模式來挑選合適的。

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First, giving your health systems a rest: In our day to day busy life, we go for meals that are easier and quicker to consume or prepare, leading us to take in a lot of processed chemicals, preservatives, and also high amounts of salt & sugar (especially if you're a cake lover like me!). Most of the time, it is more than we need. And this is why we tend to feel sluggish, tired and experience skin breakouts. Juice cleanse is a good way to flush out the toxins naturally, rest the digest system, and reset our health.

Second, the radiant glow: This is one of the most immediate & significant benefits. Due to all the hydration and nutrition from veggies and fruits, our skin becomes clearer than ever!



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Day 1: I followed their pre-cleanse guide for about 3 days, so day 1 was pretty easy. I was really excited to start the cleanse itself (you know the positive feeling of starting a new habit? it was like that!), and the fact that I'm feeding my body with all the good stuff kept me in a great mood.

Day 2: I woke up extremely early on the 2nd day because I was feeling slightly hungry. Not being able to enjoy my usual avocado on toast and chai tea latte made me cranky. But then things got better when I finished my first juice -- The cacao cashew milk, it was comforting because it tasted like chocolate milk.

Day 3: The third day was the hardest. I had a headache; it's an effect due to the withdrawal of sugar, salt, and caffeine. I drank a lot of warm water in between the juices, as well as their coconut water (you can buy them as supplements while you book the cleanse).  I had such a strong urge for a savoury taste that I almost wanted to give up. Despite all the cravings, I did notice my sleeping pattern & quality improved. I was able to fall asleep instantly and without waking up every 2-3 hours or so.

Day 4: Things started to get better on day 4. I had class and gone through them just fine. I wasn't hungry (each juice is 500ml so they can be quite filling), but it was the fact of eating and chewing that I miss. However, physically, I think my body has gotten used to taking in juice, I feel quite light & energised overall.

Day 5: The last day was the easiest. I was feeling extra motivated and excited the entire day. Mainly because I know I had accomplished the detox and restarted my body. It feels like a new beginning, physically and mentally. Also, being able to get back to a normal sleeping schedule was a nice bonus. 



第三天:這天是五天下來最困難的一天。白天會有些許的頭痛,上網查詢後才知道是因為大量減少糖分、鹽分與咖啡因所造成。在果汁與果汁中間則喝了很多溫水,以及他們推薦的椰子水來保持體力。到了晚上,想吃鹹食的感受特別強烈,幾乎到想要放棄的程度。 撇開前面所提到的不習慣,睡眠品質方面則達到了明顯的提升。這天晚上一沾枕就陷入沈睡,的確是許久沒有的奢侈。




So, how am I feeling now -- three weeks after the cleanse? The first week after my cleanse, I was super conscious with what I take in, because I know my body needs sometime to get back to the regular solid food routine. I ate vegan meals the whole week, and honestly, I think I made the right choice to take things slow. Now, I'm currently travelling in NYC (aka food heaven), but I was surprise instead of falling back to the old binge eating abroad habit, I was actually making loads of healthier choices, and when I do cheat I limited my portion. I guess thats a good start. 

Have you guys tried juice cleanse before? Or is this something you'd like to try? Let me know in the comments! x

所以三週過後我感覺如何呢?先從後一週說起吧。結束前 Radiance Cleanse 有建議先從偏軟性或清淡的食物開始,於是我那星期選擇從無蛋奶的素食餐開始,再慢慢恢復,身體也就沒有不適或是感到負擔,現在想想,這個方法實在正確。值得一提的是,即便我現在正在紐約,我並沒有因為旅行而大啖過量的美食,選擇的餐點與餐廳都相對健康;就算有重口味或是高糖份的食物,份量也較小。我想,這算是個不錯的開始吧?



shot on Nikon DF with 24-85mm lens.