On my Bookshelf: Vol.1

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When I first started photography, I look for inspirations from everything else but other photographers‘ work. I did look at my personal favourites such as Annie Leibovitz, Bill Cunningham, etc; but when it comes to my peers, I tried to stay away.

Don't get me wrong...I do admire their work, yet that time I was trying to find my own voice. It wasn't until a year later I feel confident and comfortable enough to do so. The truth is, it doesn't matter which field you're in...if you always duplicate or emulate other's work, you will only be following. You'll never be able to create your style. 

So how do I stay inspired? I put my self into the world of art galleries and books. Reading, especially, has become a favourite go-to activity when I know I'm about to burnt-out. Which put me to create this series called On my Bookshelf, where I share my love for words. I hope you'll find it interesting. 


在一開始決定在工作中加入攝影這項的時候,我盡量不讓自己去看其他攝影師的作品。當然,從高中就開始崇拜的 Annie Leibovitz 和 Bill Cunningham,我還是會定期去欣賞,但也就僅此而已。

別誤為,有許多攝影工作者很厲害,內心也非常欣賞;只是當時我正在找尋屬於自己的風格,害怕一不小心在潛意識發展出類似的視覺效果。一直到一年後,漸漸對自己的作品產生了信心與滿意度後,才開始有上網搜尋以及在 Instagram 追蹤的習慣。畢竟,無倫在哪一個領域,若老是「類模仿」他人的,那我們永遠只有追隨的份,要創建出自己的路線也就更難了。

既然如此,靈感要來自哪裡呢?我花上許多時間在參觀各類藝廊、展覽與書本上。特別是在琢磨文字這塊兒,對我來說向來都是件過癮的事。沈浸在令人心醉的故事中,好一解突如其來的靈感乾枯之惆。久而久之,便決定開起 On my Bookshelf 這個新系列,定期與大家聊聊覺得有趣的書單;當然,也歡迎你們在文末分享你們的。



by Navaz Batliwalla

I currently have this in my bag. It's probably the shortest one in this list, so if you want to read something easier but still equally inspirational, read the New Garconne

Introducing the idea of modern Gentlewoman, the book is divided into two section:  The Advocates & The Style Codes. The former is combined by a series of short interviews with creatives, and the later discuss the on-going debate of lifestyle aesthetics. I'm only half way through the second part, but I'm loving it so much already!  



近期生活風格與美學興起,來自倫敦的時尚編輯 Navaz Batliwalla 藉由許多短編訪談來討論「女紳士」這個全新的名詞。書中除了介紹了來自世界各地的女性享活家,同時也探討了生活上的各種選物;從服飾、美妝保養到文具等等,全都以讓自己舒服自在為主要出發點。雖然還剩三分之一沒看完,但心裡已經有種如同好茶回甘的舒暢,等不及與你們分享。


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by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Okay, if you don't know Elizabeth Gilbert, you should at least know the book published a decade ago: Eat Pray Love (hopefully!). 

This non fiction is a serious page turner. I finished it in two days as soon as I received my Amazon package. Gilbert shared her own story of courage, enhancement, permission, trust...and so on. Most importantly how to live with fear. This book encourages you to live creatively, which doesn't necessarily mean pursuing a creative/arts career, but more on curiosity and taking the leap in life. It really changed my mind set to a whole different level. If you're looking for just one book to read next, I reckon this is it. 


由「 享受吧!一個人的旅行!」的作者 Elizabeth Gilbert 所著。因為非常喜歡她鮮明的文字技巧,所以去年年初看到這本新書想到沒想就買了。

她的字句向來幽默風趣且鼓舞人心,這本也不例外。以意想不到的角度切入,並討論關於生活中的創造力。當然,創造力不局限於藝術家或是設計師,任何的職業都有可能遇到與「創意」、「靈感」相關的難題,而我們,有時候並不是想法,反而是多了自我懷疑。的確,自信並不是與生俱來,與很多事一樣需要練習。透過這本書,讓我們再度拾起面對挑戰的勇氣,試試自己一直想嘗試但不敢的大小事,一起來場生活上的小革命。Big Magic 應該是近期最推薦的一本書,如果你只計劃購入一本新書,那麼我會推薦它。

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By Stephen King

To be honest, I've never read any of Stephen King's books...well not after I finished his memoir. Packed with detailed advices, personal life incidents, and even the English language itself. It's not the easiest book to read, but it is definitely one of the most powerful. 

I bought this book when I started doing freelance writing, because why not learn from one of the most best selling authors in the world, right? 


因為不是特別喜愛驚悚類型的小說,對於 Stephen King 的文字,一直以來都只有耳聞沒有親身體驗。然而在逛 Amazon 的時候,發現了這本類似工具書的自傳,激起了興趣。以寫作為主題,內容包含了對執筆者的建議、自身經歷、靈感與生活的關係,甚至連語言本身都有提到。內容豐富但也有些嚴肅,是本需要較多時間閱讀的書。

兩年前,因為想要文字上有些突破,加上當時也正開始接觸撰稿工作,於是便毫不猶豫地在網路是下了單。畢竟,能與 Stephen King 這樣的獨樹一格的作家學習,光用想的都覺得有趣。

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Issue 11: Autumn Winter 2016


Unlike the ones above, the Travel Almanac is actually a magazine (Though I personally like to think of it as a journal). A publication based in New York & Berlin,  the role of travelling in the contemporary life. Not only it talks about hitting the road, this issue is also packed with loads of amazing pieces that encourages you to rethink the aspects of culture & art. 

I bought this from an independent bookshop in Paris, and though this is the only one I own, I've been re-reading it ever since. I can't wait to get my hands on the next issue. 


總部位於柏林與紐約的刊物。The Travel Almanac 是上一趟在巴黎的獨立書店中發現的,彷彿筆記日誌的編排模式是吸引我的首要原因。有別於市面上的旅遊雜誌,這裡探討的層面更廣;時尚、音樂、文化、電影與藝術都是他們會觸及到的面相。以季刊的方式出版,恰巧給予讀者足夠的時間琢磨如此多元的資訊。




Now, feel free to share the books on your current reading list, I'd love to know! 



shot on Nikon Df with 85mm lens.