5 Favourites: French Beauty Finds

As many of you know, beauty & skincare is one of my biggest obsessions. And since French beauty is so popular, there's no way I'll skip discovering new products during my little Paris getaway. Most of them are from brands I've already known, and they vary between pharmacy and high-ends. So without further ado, here are my 5 favourites. 




paris shopping-tiffany yang-DSC_8353-Edit.jpg
paris shopping-tiffany yang-DSC_8353-Edit.jpg
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I have a list of things to do while in Paris, from ordering hot chocolate at Angelina, walking around Le Marais, and of course, the French pharmacy! The pharmacy is a magical place, filled with amazing beauty products. It's also my favourite spot to stock up my Caudalie products. 

This time, I went home with the Moisturising Sorbet and Overnight Detox Oil. The sorbet cream is  extremely easy to absorb, and it's pretty light on the skin which makes it the perfect moisturiser. I love using oils at night rather than serums because I feel like they get the job done more when it comes to hydrating. I have been using the new Detox Oil for two weeks now, and I really liked it. My skin is definitely smoother and brighter the morning after. 


法國的藥妝店,有著讓人徹底迷失的魔力,看著那打折價錢,常常覺得不買點什麼好像對不起自己(笑)不過,大部分的時候我都還算理智,找尋的牌子也大多為像 CAUDALIE  這些本來就愛用的心頭好。品牌來自法國,擁有葡萄精粹的專利,不只講求天然,也十分注重工作環境中的道德主義。(台灣的話,在微風南京 B1 有櫃)

這次帶回了葡萄籽保濕面霜以及 C15 晚間抗氧護理油。面霜專為敏感肌膚設計,質地十分清透很適合夏天。關於保養的步驟,有人繁複有人簡約;而我自己本身,一年四季都不會少的就是護膚油。 CAUDALIE 的這款保養油,擁有修復的作用,特別適合讓熬夜或是睡眠不均的人來告別疲倦肌。使用了將近兩週,不黏稠超好吸收,隔天早晨的氣色也明顯好上許多。


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2. Biorderma crealine h20

Another one top on the list, the Bioderma H2O. It cuts through makeup perfectly without leaving the skin oily and greasy. It is probably the most gentle yet effective cleansing water I've come across thus far.  I also found this super cute travel-sized version, which I just could not miss. 


另一個每次到法國藥妝店必買的就是 BIORDERMA CREALINE 的卸妝水。先說一下我個人的使用步驟吧,在用完卸妝油後,會接著用化妝棉沾濕再做最後一次的清潔確認。粉色系列是適合敏感肌的,以最溫和的手法,達到最乾淨的效果。另外,結帳排隊的時候,發現了照片中的旅行包裝,覺得非常可愛就跟著入手了。


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I picked this up in the Lafayette beauty floor. It wasn't part of my shopping plan, but I'm so glad I bought it. It goes on super easy, and gives the most natural coverage. Since it has a balm texture, a little goes a long way. I normally put some of the product on the back of my hands, then dab the foundation across and blend it with a brush. Paris was pretty warm during our stay (up to 35 degree!), and I'm glad to say it sat really well despite the heat and sweat.  





4. chanel le blanc

Each morning we spent so much time to create a certain look, so the last thing we want is our make up to melt off during the heated weather. A good priming product helps create an even surface for smooth application, and it also holds your make up at  where its suppose to be. 

This base product from Chanel, works both as a primer and illuminator. Which is great because it gives you a nice glow, but also prevent any of your makeup to build up or go cakey. 




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paris shopping-tiffany yang-DSC_8506.jpg

5. dr. jart+ masks

Okay, I know Dr. Jart+ is not a French brand, but they are just too good to pass. I picked their masks up from the Sephora near our hotel. I've always been a fan of the brand, but the collections they have in UK is pretty limited, so when I found them in Paris I was super excited, and instantly drawn to these cool rubber masks. The hydration lover has to be my favourite. It was the first mask I tried, and my face felt so soft and hydrated after. 

Ps: before putting the mask on, remember to apply the ampoule all over your face!


好的,其實  DR. JART+  不是法國的品牌,但因為確實是在巴黎購入的,就一併納入這次的清單中。本來就是品牌面膜的愛好者,不過在英國貨非常不齊全量也少,所以這次特別安排時間到 SEPHORA 逛逛。來自韓國的藥妝品牌,是由二十一名醫生組成的團隊,一直以來,不管是包裝與療效上都能感受到十足的誠意。新出的橡膠面膜,光是外表就足以吸引許多目光;面膜本身含有藻類精萃,有助於降低皮膚溫度,達到鎮定的效果。第一個嘗試的是以保濕為主的,也是我個人最愛的一個。




shot on Nikon DF 85 mm lens.

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