Beauty On the Go


I feel like I'm always on the go (I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago, and currently just got back from New York, and in a week I'll be in Europe for Fashion Week!). I don't know about you guys, but when I'm travelling, the last thing I want is ending with loads of gigantic beauty bags that claims half of my suitcase space. All that said, this is the makeup look I've been wearing for my past few trips. It's simple, fast, and uses relatively less products. Check it out.



Prep Your Skin

I use face oil before make up when I don't have time for a super hydrating mask. It works great like a serum for those who have very dry skin. Ever since I started adding the Lancôme Precious Oil  into my pre-make up routine, I haven't had any dry patch on my face anymore. 




Apply a Base

I've been testing La Mer products for a while now, and they've definitely become one of my favourite go-tos. The Perfecting Treatment works like a primer, and the Soft Fluid Long Wear foundation gives me  fresh & glowy look. I love the smell, and it feels super weightless! 


LA MER 的粉底是最近在嘗試的新底妝產品,我個人十分滿意!妝感很自然清透,皮膚看起來很好(不過由於本身帶有保養精華,所以油肌甚至是混合肌的人可能在夏天會不太合適喔)。另外,上妝前若是搭配帶有柔焦和潤色效果精華凝霜打底,肌膚會看起來更有光澤。



This Chanel palette is a recent release (Before this, I use the Burberry Cashmere Concealer). One of my favourite things about it, is that though it's in a creamy texture, the product does not build up on your under eye area, nor does it creates a crease. And can I just mention how beautiful it is? 


這款三合一顏彩盤上市不久的新品(在這之前,我使用的是 BURBERRY 的明采筆)。雖然是偏霜狀的遮瑕,但完全不會在眼下卡粉或是顯紋,而且意外地很保濕。另外,我覺得它的外觀也是一種加分吧(笑)

Bronze & Highlight

I love using bronzes to create warmth & depth. I apply this Burberry palette under the cheekbones, hairline, beneath the chin, and neck. Make sure to blend properly so there won't be an awkward white gap. Ps. Use the lighter shade ti highlight! 


BURBERRY 的亮采修容餅一直以來都是我的心頭好,粉末輕盈,而且很好推開;是屬於溫暖的古銅色澤,就算搭配我們亞洲人的黃皮膚也不會有髒污的感覺。在笑肌下端、額頭、下巴等區域用刷子稍微帶過即可。



When it comes to blushes, I'm obsessed with the colours from By Terry! My favourite shade from them is Nude Dance, it's more subtle comparing to their other ones, which makes the entire summerly flushed & healthy. 


一直都很喜歡 BY TERRY 品牌給人的感覺,沒有浮誇的包裝,一切都奢華的剛剛好。這款腮紅的粉質很細緻,顯色度不錯也挺持久的;而四號 NUDE DANCE 是較深的裸粉色,有著我個人特別喜歡的自然妝感,彷彿天生好氣色。



If you've been following my post for a while, you'll know lip products are my absolute favourite. I use Lip care products (like this one) as a base, and then I topped with a nude-ish/coral colour to finish. I love this shade from Hourglass because it works seamlessly with any look. 


比較早期的讀者,就會知道唇膏、唇彩是我個人最喜歡的美妝產品。HOURGLASS 新出的 CONFESSION ULTRA 是新歡,不只產品外觀吸引人,修飾唇紋與持久度也都令人滿意 。



I have pretty full brows, so most of the time I'll just a use a brow pencil to make sure they are shaped properly. And a little bit brow gel to keep them in the right place throughout the day. 


我很幸運地遺傳到了楊先生的濃密眉毛,所以只要修好眉型,後續的步驟也比較簡單;還有一個原因是我自己手很拙啦,無法做太多變化(笑)MAKE UP FORVER 的染眉膏眉筆是我用來用去最喜歡的,推薦給你們。


shot on Canon 5D with 50mm lens.
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